Sephardic Bnei Anusim Do Not Return to Judaism. Flee Catholicism

Sephardic Bnei Anusim

You are the survivors of ancestors who were forced to become Catholic. Do not return to Judaism, as many of you want to. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ apart from the Doctrines of Catholicism/Protestantism. The gospel is the power of God. Hear the message. 

If you hear by God's permission, and your hearts are compelled to change through the power that rose Christ from the dead, then you must continue in faith to the end of life. This is not sinless perfection, but is rather fulfilling the New Law of Christ, the New Law of faith. You may not find a single person close to you who believes. Don't try to change the Protestant or Catholic churches because you cannot.

Express your faith, then walk away and follow the Savior outside the gate! My natural father was Ramirez. I have Moya's, Vasquez's, Rodriguez's and others in my line. I am a distant DNA cousin of the Sephardic Catholic priest who lives in New Mexico. But may God call even him him to come out of both Catholicism and Judaism as he is infatuated with both. 

Romans 11 exists for those who have Jewish ancestry in Ashkenazi or Sephardic circles. Many of us have both distant cousins as found out by DNA testing. If you can't afford it, believe in the Lord. You don't need to prove anything to anybody! 

These links will help you if you have been called when you were not looking for the Lord, as Paul on the road to Damascus. The gospel cuts to the heart, no need for external law systems, even the Law of Moses. The Law of Christ, internal faith in Christ, guided the redeemed in Christ. The Law of Moses had within it the gospel and the hope of Christ.

Yet the message of the gospel, not guilt by law, is what saves the elect.Study once you believe. If I pass away and this site goes away, then copy the pages and keep them. 


Don't be bogged down in difficult scriptures. When Paul had Christ revealed in him, Paul did not consult with men. He learned what it meant to have Christ sovereignly revealed in Him by the Spirit according to the Will of the Father. The Triune God is equal in power and majesty, and there is no one else who can lift us from unbelief, the sin upon which all  other sins stand or fall. Paul was under the law, and all are under our consciences. But Paul was not saved having been condemned by the law in Romans Ch 7. No, he was turned to Christ on the road to Damascus just like the all the elect are saved, by the power that raised Christ from the Dead! (Acts Ch 9)

 Once an elect in Christ believes, he or she is an equal heir to salvation, with the power of God in him. It is not sinless perfection but rather faith to the end, a keeping of the new Law of faith! The Old Law of Moses is the law of sin and death. It was a schoolmaster until Christ came. It is not a schoolmaster in humbling or convicting of sin, because the gospel alone is the sword of the Spirit! (Gal 3:24, Acts Ch 2 Peter's sermon about Christ cut the listeners to saving grace.)

If anyone who has even one ancient Hebrew or modern Jewish ancestor, they become eligible for salvation according to Romans chapter 11. Read it! The Times of the Gentiles, who have no such ties, is fulfilled with the establishing of Israel as a sign as we see in Luke 21:24. But that is all carnal Israel is. It is not holy, it is not the way of Christ!

If you cannot find fellowship to keep your blessing, and you likely won't, stand outside the gate with the Lord and walk by faith. Pray for your family and friends that they may be saved as well!

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