The Anglo American Banking System Rules the World

I know the Anglo American banking cartel rules the world. In fact, the Square Mile views itself as being the new Roman Empire. It has folklore regarding Roman emperors. It has Roman ruins. It has two statues, Gog and Magog, who "guard" the city. They are dressed in Roman uniforms and are paraded at the Lord Mayor's parade. This, in my opinion, is of biblical proportions. 

Just the idea that anyone would want to fancy himself as the heir to brutal Rome is disturbing. It is not acceptable behavior. 

The center for hiding the world's wealth is the Square Mile. It is horrible behavior. 

And, on the Last Day, the participants in that system, as well as all of us, will be judged. I am a Christian, and I see that judgement as putting an end to this order of things. 

I hope that in the meantime, the system can be modified to give more help to the poor and low wage and unhealthy and the old. Helicopter money is the only safe way to do this. 

But I am in no way a supporter of evil and the hiding of great wealth that could help the world. As for the system's central banks, they are capable of good and evil. They are generally procyclical, which means they cannot be trusted by the masses in time of need. Beware!

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