How Old Is the World?

I have no idea how old the world is. There are a few rules we can apply. It is likely that it is both young and old. Did God wait millions of years for the stars to all be seen? Did he wait all that time for their light to reach everywhere? That is not likely.

Or did God create the world with age? Is it somehow aged? That is likely.

But I think it makes sense that God created the universe with age. I am not even going to comment on the Genesis account except to say that the world is not millions of years old.

I believe it is older than 6 thousand years. The Book of Jubilee, which is not inspired, cannot be trusted to determine when the patriarchs were born.

The genealogy from Adam to Abraham could be 40,000 years. After all, the patriarchs lived almost a thousand years. We are not given revelation as to how old they were when they had the children that were included in the genealogy.

I can't comment on something I don't fully understand, except to say that all creatures are created after their own kind. We know this is true because their DNA is remarkably stable.

We know that nothing in nature that is a DNA mistake, is really evolutionary. So, I don't buy evolution at all because even science supports all after their own kind.

We know soft tissue has been found in fossils that are supposedly millions of years old. But even scientists say soft tissue goes away first! So the fossils are carbon 14 to be tested to be thousands of years old, not millions!

I don't know if this will help anyone. If it does then great. There are more important things, like knowledge of the gospel and the Savior, that must be spread because the workers are few. There is little time, and the end is near. It does no good to believe in a young earth if a person is not called as chosen in Christ through the cutting power of the gospel!

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