J. Rodman Williams Was a Fraud

J. Rodman Williams was a fraud. He and all the Presbyterian "renewal movement" charismatic liars that congregated at the Melodyland School of Theology were lost. No, they did not go home to be with the Lord.

Most Charismatics taught free will. William's taught Predestination but objected to double predestination. This doctrine opposing double predestination is silly, because, clearly, Romans 9 speaks to double predestination. Fancy vessels are created to be kept, and vessels created for menial use are not saved. Creation for menial use is a predetermined act by God.

But God actively regenerates the elect. He does not do anything to those who are lost. They are born and stay separated from God from first breath to last. But really, all things are predetermined by God but he does not create sin in man.

And certainly, Christian's can have heavy hearts over predestination and family and friends not being included. But I digress.

  1. As far as speaking to just one of the Williams' errors, I am not saying that God cannot establish miracles. However, the gifts that were given to the early churches are not in evidence because the prophecy is complete and has been left to use through scripture.

There is a blessing in the Spirit that follows initial regeneration/repentance. It is unspeakable joy. But it is not accompanied with early church gifts.

Rodman fellowshipped with leaders who taught free will. That is fraud. Rodman sold his version of the gospel. That is fraud. Rodman was payed by a teaching college that charged its students. That is also unbiblical fraud.

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