My Heart Bleeds for Those Who Are Lost

Most of the people who live in the world are lost. Those who are saved are few. I know few are saved. Christ said in Matthew many are on the path to eternal damnation. He said few find the narrow way to eternal life.

I know that people who have better character than me are not saved, that men and women of stronger mental capacity are not saved, that men and women of greater courage and greater discipline are not saved. Men and women with better charisma and personality than me are not saved.

I certainly do not feel sorrow for murderers, for the rich men and wicked politicians who don't help the poor and don't help the border refugees. They deserve their destiny through their actions or omissions. The fake corporate religionists like Franklin Graham will likely not feel compassion from me.

But, the fact that literally a small remnant of humanity is saved shakes me to the core. I didn't do anything to gain salvation while they did not gain it. All that came as faith from God did not reside within me, but rather was a gift, Sovereignly bestowed. I have a heavy heart.

I will have a stronger mind in heaven. But I am still an earthly human and my heart is weighed down by seeing human interest stories of people doing good and showing compassion, but without the gift of faith given to the elect. There are many deeds of compassion that are even sincere, that will count for nothing!

I know that the Protestants and the Catholics are lost. Even the First London Baptists separated from the Protestants. I know there is only one legitimate confession of faith I ever found and that is the 1646 First London Baptist Confession of Faith. There were likely unpublished confessions and real Christian's we don't know about.

The Protestants lie through their teeth when they say there is little difference between the amount of people saved and lost. Those protestants used devious means to get church members in a way that brought dishonor to the gospel. These men like Warfield and Spurgeon were lost as well, denying the gospel itself.

B. B. Warfield, an American protestant preacher made the absurd statement:

"The number of the saved shall in the end be not small but large, and not merely absolutely but comparatively large; . . . to speak plainly, it shall embrace the immensely greater part of the human race."

And Charles Spurgeon, who used to use the false gospel of law guilt to deceived the non elect, has said the following manifestation of spiritual ignorance:

"I believe there will be more in heaven than in hell."

You can be certain that he was wrong.

The book of Revelation speaks to a likely number under 200 million saved Angels (saved from the fall). Ten thousand times ten thousand which is 100 million and thousands times thousands. 

Estimates on the internet show that there have been over a 100 billion people in the world from the beginning of time. I have no idea how were predetermined to be saved. If it is well over a million people I would be very surprised. I have no way of knowing. And I hope it is more than a million. But even if it were 10 million or hundreds of millions out of 105 billion, it would be amazingly few.

It is likely that with the most optimistic numbers, there are 10 times more lost people than saved people. That is quite optimistic and unrealistic in my view.

If there are only 144 thousand original Jews from the old testament saved, and this is literally correct, then the estimate of hundreds of millions to a billion is way too optimistic.

But we just don't know. Few are saved right now.

The hard part for me was there have been men and women who try to help others and some who try to help the world. But if they aren't called through the power of the gospel and don't abide in the Spirit and doctrines of truth through the will of the Father, they are lost anyway!

That is hard for me. But I know that without the Spirit of Christ, nothing else really matters in this world. There is no salvation apart from divine election through the power of the gospel and the Spirit of Christ.

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