Why God being Being Angry Is a Good Thing

Since I have been in the hospital emergency room, I learned a very valuable lesson about our father in heaven.

The lesson is that God ordained himself to be angry at sin, seen most clearly in his wrath against the Israelites. From my perspective as a very sick but hopefully recovering patient is that Christ suffered on the cross for us, but the anger of the Father had to be greatest in seeing Christ suffer.

The plan of redemption was preordained, as was God's anger, but God never had to put the plan in motion. He had over 100 million angels. He was in perfect peace. Christ sacrificed, but the Father and the Spirit suffered in their own way, too.

And all this suffering of God for us? A perfect God gave up his perfect peace for us, for the elect chosen in Him from before the world was made. Only God would care so much. We who are elect in Christ can only marvel, with tears, at the greatness of God.

I want those who love God to copy the pages of this blog for their own building up. If I no longer am able to run this blog, and it falls into the hands of anyone who sells these pages, they will make God angry. The message will be lost.

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