Regime Change and the Gospel

I reject the doctrine of regime change. It is a Zionist doctrine (Oded Yinon). It is also an American doctrine that has seen presidential assassinations. It has impoverished the middle east.

However, there are American politicians like Tulsi Gabbard who oppose regime change who may have backing from Russia. I do not know this for sure but I want to go on record as opposing all Russian interference in United States elections. I am not yet accusing Gabbard of Russian ties, but a prudent politician (oxymoron?) should know where every penny comes from.

We should have peaceful relations with the Russians. And we should limit our involvement in the middle east. But our leaders should make those decisions free of outside influence, whether it comes from Russia or Israel  or Saudi Arabia or any other nation.

I think our leaders are influenced too much by other nations. Whatever happened to the National Interest? Now we hear the US wants to steal Syrian oil. If nations don't behave, all is lost in the age of nuclear weapons.

I pray for our leaders.

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Regime change is not in God's plan for the world, nations living sovereignly and peacefully. But national governments do not have the Gospel. They are not in the Kingdom of God. They abuse God's plan by regime change, empire, and colonization.   


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