New Covenant Theology, Both Real and Fake

Clearly, New Covenant Doctrine has been abused by many New Covenant theologians. This little movement of mostly Gentile adherents (Many called Reformed Baptists) has never broken away from Protestantism and/or Anabaptism. But I have broken away. The problem is simple.

I personally believe money may be a strong motivator, but it also is that NCT theologians simply cannot discern that law preparation is a false gospel! They refuse to separate from something that does not seem to be important to them.

Yet for one called through the gospel, it is the difference between eternal life and eternal separation from God!

I have only fellowship with the 1646 First London Baptists by the words they left of true faith. I stand with them. I do not seek to make a dime off the gospel.

But it seems that both money and needy hearts bring the NCT movement together. Yet the truth is not taught. If anything these imposters accept or gravitate toward the 1689 Second Baptist Confession, which is a falling away from truth! The First Baptists were the true Baptists!

Separate from falsehood. If the gospel of Christ has cut your heart with a glimpse of lost status, leading you to reject unbelief, then stand on your own unless God puts elect believers in your path. Hang on to this blog, searching what I hope is helpful knowledge to add to your God given faith.

Copy passages you need. It is free as long as I have this website. Do not sell this truth! In my static pages there are in depth articles and doctrinal statements. New Christians, take these teachings seriously.

Few are saved.

Warning: those who teach Christ has already returned a second time attempt to overturn the faith. That doctrine is called full Preterism. But the only truth is partial Preterism as I will define.

Briefly, partial preterism generally  acknowledges that most prophesy was fulfilled around 70 AD, that Dispensationalism is false religion, and that putting these extra prophesies concerning tribulation. Elijah, etc into the future is false religion. I adhere to this view.

However, Romans 11 is currently being fulfilled. That means the chosen Gentiles have likely all or most all been redeemed. See also Luke 21:24.

The elect now, within tbis New Cocenant, likely have even a thimbleful of Jewish and/or ancient Hebrew descent. Being fully Jewish by DNA is not the test. Could God call fully Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jews under Roman's 11? Of course.

But, descent from Jacob with varying amounts of Hebrew/Jewish DNA fulfills the Romans 11 test where no written or oral tradition of Jewishness exists.

This is not Dispensationalism. This is not the elevation of the Old Covenant again, or of the nation of Israel again. Real NCT acknowledges Romans 11 for individuals, individual Jews, or who have even a bit of Jewish heritage from many nations. These nations could be China, Russia, Philippines, Spain, Canary Islands, Cuba, Africa, Latin America, Italy, and the list goes on and one, wherever one could have picked up ancient, or modern Jewish lineage!

Search this blog for further understanding about this and other important doctrine. Copy the pages to protect knowledge if this blog ever changes hands. This is the real deal, the real New Covenant Theology. Do not sell the gospel! Cursed is anyone who sells the gospel, unless God allows repentance from this unbelief!

And Christ's Second Coming is near, and I believe very near!

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