Seared Consciences: Catholics and Gnostics

1 Timothy 4:1-3 speaks to the issue of seared consciences. Men have fallen away from the faith forbidding certain foods and marriage. Both the Catholics and the Gnostics, who believe Christ was never come in the flesh, perpetuate these doctrines.

1 John 4:2-3 rejects those Gnostics who reject that Christ came in the flesh. This general view that gnosticism holds, that the elements are bad, is a the root of the Timothy passage above as well. As I say, the men who did these evil deeds where Catholics and Gnostics. The Catholics forbade their priests to marry. Of course we know that all Christians are priests before God so the Catholics compound their errors. See 1 Peter 2:5.

Paul spoke of a falling away soon after the early church. 2 Thess 2:3-4 speaks to the falling away and the coming of the man of perdition. I believe that whoever that man was, it happened in the time of the early church, between 60 AD and 135 AD. I cannot say who this person was. But it is not a future person. But here is the important point, this falling away was a falling into legalistic, elemental religion!

Christians must walk away from this sort of elemental religion and enjoy what God has provided us. The elect will hear Christ's voice as a silent prompt to the heart, and will learn to stay in the faith to the end of life, thus fulfilling the law of Christ, not by perfection, but by continual faith in the only righteous one.

There is a knowledge that Christian's add to faith, according to the Apostle Peter. But that knowledge is Christ centered, Gospel centered, New Covenant centered and Father, Word, and Spirit centered through Christ our mediator.

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