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Analysis of the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession

This is a discussion about how the 1689 Second London Confession represents a falling away from the First London Baptist Confession. There is a comparison to the Protestant John Calvin as well as a discussion about the continued falling away of the Reformed Baptists and lack of commitment to the truth by virtually all the other New Covenant Theologians! The 1689 Second Confession is very subtle. But it is just as wrong as Calvin regarding the law! The moral law, or weighty matters of the Old Covenant law is used by the Protestant fake religion (Protestants were Augustinians), to lift guilt to the status of saving conviction. We see this error clearly but subtly explained in the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession: "This saving repentance is an evangelical grace, whereby a person, being by the Holy Spirit made sensible of the manifold evils of his sin, doth, by faith in Christ, humble himself for it with godly sorrow, detestation of it, and self-abhorrency, praying for pa

My Fellowship is with 1646 First Baptists

This is the approximate timetable for the hardening of Jews and Gentiles according to God's plan. The Jews were hardened as Christ warned, and Paul said they would be. Romans 11 explains this hardening very clearly.  So then the Gentiles were called. While there was a falling away soon after the Apostles, with bad doctrine coming from the early church fathers, the Gentiles were not completely hardened and many were called in the 2000 years between the early church and now. But now a change has occurred, as we compare Luke 21:24 with Romans 11. Some Jews will be saved in these last few hours. Most if not all Gentiles are saved already who God predetermined to be saved. Jewish DNA is everywhere. So many descend from Jacob who don't even know it. So, it is alarming to me that I have only fellowship with the 1646 First Baptists. They are the true Baptists. Their Confession is true.  The 1646 Baptists rejected sacralism, believed in the local church, upheld predestination, an

The Death of John Lennon

John Lennon was assassinated by a young man who hated that Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. He hated that Lennon wrote Imagine and other songs that were dismissive of God's existence. As a fan of the Beatles growing up I can clarify what happened for readers. There are two truths at work here: 1. It was the will of God that John died because all men are assigned a time to die. That is a well known biblical truth. Job 14:5 says: A person’s days are determined;      you have decreed the number of his months      and have set limits he cannot exceed. 2. What the young man did was wicked. It was murder. God often uses evil to accomplish His will. Christ had to die and be raised from the dead to erase the sins of the elect. Yet those who killed the Son of God did so out of utter hate, having been chosen to carry out the wicked deed before the world was made. Rev 22:15 says: Outside  are the dogs,  those who practice magic arts, the sexually immo