My Fellowship is with 1646 First Baptists

This is the approximate timetable for the hardening of Jews and Gentiles according to God's plan. The Jews were hardened as Christ warned, and Paul said they would be. Romans 11 explains this hardening very clearly. 

So then the Gentiles were called. While there was a falling away soon after the Apostles, with bad doctrine coming from the early church fathers, the Gentiles were not completely hardened and many were called in the 2000 years between the early church and now.

But now a change has occurred, as we compare Luke 21:24 with Romans 11. Some Jews will be saved in these last few hours. Most if not all Gentiles are saved already who God predetermined to be saved. Jewish DNA is everywhere. So many descend from Jacob who don't even know it.

So, it is alarming to me that I have only fellowship with the 1646 First Baptists. They are the true Baptists. Their Confession is true. 

The 1646 Baptists rejected sacralism, believed in the local church, upheld predestination, and upheld the Law of Christ, not being in bondage to the law of Moses.

It is alarming to me that I have no Christian fellowship with the living. I am 70 years old, called to Christ at age 21, and have looked for fellowship far and wide, even online. My blog readers have rarely contacted me. I will put my email below. I want nothing in the way of money, or anything from the readers.

The alarming thing is that there should be more elect. Reach out to me. Again, I don't want your money. I don't want you to relocate. I do not run a cult!

I reached out to some baptists who claimed to adhere to the 1646 First London Baptist Confession. They had no clue what made it important and different from the 1689 Second London Confession which represented a falling away from the truth!

1. The Second Confession destroyed the equality of God by instituting the eternal generation of the Son. That is not found in the First London Confession.

2. The Second denied the power of the gospel by instituting a required law conviction. That is not allowed in the First.

3. The Second Confession required a physical sabbath, which is simply not right, having been explained in Hebrews 3 and 4. Rest in Christ through faith is the New Covenant Sabbath.

These are fatal errors, proof of false religion!

The Second Baptist Confession is a fusion of Protestant and Anabaptist legalism that destroys spiritual blessing in Christ. I have fought with these adherents of the Second Confession. They are nasty when you push them to defend their fraudulent confession.

The gospel is the power of God. Everyone has a code they violate resulting in guilt. Guilt and Gospel conviction are not the same thing. The elect know this. No one else can know this!

I am at bgamall at gmail dot com

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