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The Harlot and the Woman in Rev. 12

Revelation 12 woman was not the Harlot. She may have been Israel or Mary. I cannot be dogmatic on this one. She delivered Jesus Christ, the Word, into the world.  The prophets died in Jerusalem. (Revelation18:24). The Harlot was likely Jerusalem.. Some say it is possible the Harlot of Revelation 17 is physical Rome. It destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. But the Harlot killed the prophets. Jews killed the Jewish prophets as we see in Acts 7:52: "Was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One. And now you have betrayed and murdered him--" I reject that it is Rome because the language of the prophets point to Jerusalem as being the harlot. Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD and was buried in 135 AD. This judgement was on ancient Judea, so far not on modern physical Israel!  Rome was the beast, not the harlot. Rome from Nero to the last emperor in Nero's line attacked Christians.  Keep in mind though th

Hell Is Terrifying

 This is from the internet. It is from a guy named Watkins from Grand Valley State University. I view Universities as being without the Spirit. University scholarship can inform us, but universities exist to make money. This peddling of the gospel is not authorized by God according to Paul. 2 Cor 2:17. So could the author be lost? It is quite possible. Do not sell the gospel! I want to mention that the Apostle Paul did not mention hell. But he did mention spiritual death. And in Revelation, the Second Death was eternal suffering. So when Paul mentioned death, that had to be what he meant. These scriptures  have been pulled together to show the serious frightening place of eternal abode of the unbelievers. Few are saved. Most are lost. This had no copyright.  So I am posting it to assist believers. Is the heat of the physical earth hell? I am not sure. The lake of fire will have to be big enough to contain the souls of maybe 50 billion people, all those who have lived on the earth witho

Jacob and Esau and Predestination

 Heb 12:16 See that no one is sexually immoral, or is godless like Esau, who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son. NIV  So we see that Esau was godless after all. This verifies that Paul was talking about predestination to eternal life in Romans chapter 9. He wasn't talking about just the positioning of blessings. He was talking about Jacob being chosen for eternal life and Esau being chosen for eternal damnation. Esau was hated from and for all eternity. This is a sobering reality. Many are called and few are chosen for eternal life.  We have had billions upon billions of human beings born since the beginning in Adam. Yet if a few million are saved that could prove to be a generous number!   I am telling you with Jewish DNA the truth like John the Baptist. Few are saved at this moment in history. The Gentiles have been called for 2000 years with many called. Luke 21:24  Now Jews and those with Jewish DNA are being called. Rom chapter 11. This is within t

You Are Fired, Donald Trump

Donald Trump was taken down by God. The virus was sent to take him down. Without the virus, Trump would have been an easy winner.  Donald Trump was a racist who allowed racism to come out from folks who were never emboldened before. Racism has always existed in America, but progress toward snuffing it out was turned upside down by Donald Trump, a man who vexed many. He was hurtful in separating children from parents at the border. He hurt Puerto Rico after the massive hurricane. He didn't really fight the Corona Virus.  But Trump also was frenetic. He was the opposite of calm. His clown show simply wore people out. Biden is a moderate. Let's hope he continues that steady calming moderation.  Malachi 3:5-6 clearly shows God opposes taking away justice for foreigners, God opposes those who withhold wages for workers and those who have no compassion for widows and orphans. Donald Trump has failed all of these commands.  The Old Covenant does not apply to physical nations by law as

The New Covenant is not a Modification of the Old

  The New Covenant Is Not A Modification Of The Old Covenant. Infant baptism was a false New Covenant version of Old Covenant Circumcision. But the Covenants are different. Baptism is now for believers only.  Predestination is true but Protestant sacralism is not. The New Covenant is only for believers, not for unbelieving children! The New Law of Christ is superior to the law of Moses because it saves.  The Protestants never acknowledged that the New is superior to the Old. The NC saves. The OC did not. The elect in the Old were saved by grace, not by the law of Moses! See this: The New Covenant Is Not A Modification Of The Old Covenant Lest anyone should seriously entertain the notion that the New Covenant is in harmony with the Old Covenant or that it is a modification of the Old Testament or that it is still in force today, consider the following Scriptures: Old Mosaic Covenant New Spiritual Covenant OLD Cov........................2Co 3:14 NEW Covenant.....2Co 3:6

Trump Mocks God with Covid-19

 Donald Trump is testing and mocking God by saying he is strong and the Covid-19 he caught, is weak. Trump has not, as of this writing, defeated the virus. He also has put photographers and military men at the White House in danger.  The Coronavirus, Covid, came from God. The book of Revelation speaks to vials and plagues being poured out upon the earth. For any world leader to make fun of God, as if that leader was stronger than God, is a serious error in judgement.  Most people, even those who are not Christians, show some appreciation and gratitude for surviving Covid-19. Donald Trump is bragging about surviving Covid, even though he is not out of the woods. Those who are arrogant will face trouble in this world. Donald Trump is headed for trouble from on High. Could he change, and help others take Covid seriously. I don't think so. The world is like a media event to him, and his image is all that matters. Meanwhile, those who do not receive his high level treatment may suffer f

The Torah Sacrifice But a Better Way

I found this wonderful and concise explanation for all believers, but especially for Jewish believers who were raised under the law. I comment later:  In Judaic Theology, four concepts are involved: 1) Adamic sin which is genetic or inherited 2) individual sins which we commit ourselves 3) Forgiveness of sins 4) Ratification of forgiveness Every man begotten of a human father inherits the sin of Adam, for which we all suffer death. Everyman begotten of man, commits individual sins, for which there are commensurate punishment or.penalties. Now, because there is such a concept as sin in the Law of Moses the concept of forgivesness of sins also emerged. Yet, for every sin, whether Adamic or individual, after penitence and repentance, the forgiveness must needs be ratified by the "shedding of blood."  Without the use of blood to ratify forgiveness, ones sins are retained intact. But with the use of blood, it is ratified that our sins are forgiven. Thus, in the Old Covenant, indiv

Bible Dilemmas, Free Will and Pharisees

It may be helpful to deal with Bible dilemmas.  Election and a plane crash.  Infants in Hell.  Christ died for the sheep.  The new Pharisees are free willers.  The Gospel is not for sale.  The elect are elect even before they are saved.   Grace and Great Trinity scriptures.  Sleep isn't sleep.  Tongues and Prophesy were temporary. Natural Conscience does not save anyone. 1. Is God unfair choosing a few people to be saved? Well, say there is a plane crash. Most people die but a handful live. Aren't we happy that a handful lived? God chose who  lives and no one faults Him.  So the human race crashed in Adam. God has chosen a few to live and yet everyone is angry about that choosing. God is now somehow wrong for choosing when He did not have to save anyone! This is wrong. God has determined that the elect be created in the image of Jesus Christ. They are conformed to Christ, who lives in their hearts by the Holy Spirit. They were predestined to this glory.  2. An infant is raped

The Love of God; A Fifty Year Journey

The love of God in my life began 50 years ago. I was not looking for God. I had heard bad versions of the gospel multiple times prior to age 21.  But at that age of 21, God took pieces of the gospel I had heard and gave me an understanding of Godly faith through divine revelation. So when I was 21, not looking for God, I was taken over from above. My heart was cut. The true nature of my unbelief was exposed. I was alone in a house at the time. God did not ask me for permission to construct this surgery on my soul. My old heart was replaced by a new heart. I had nothing to do with it. God decided to change me heart compelling me to repent of my unbelief! So, I had no choice, I was falling even though I stood on solid ground. I had to express my need for the Savior as unbelief became very uncomfortable. Looking to Him I was given repentance which can only come through this regeneration. Being born again through the spiritual cutting of the heart came before my repentance and faith.