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Almost Everyone Is Going to Hell and It Saddens Me

Almost everyone is going to hell. Really. Almost every human being on the planet is not called to Christ. I write this on the day Kobe Bryant died. And it saddens me. Rich men are not saved, and I am a sports fan. But I know the ultimate fate of the wealthy sports icons. As our Lord and Savior said, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be chosen in Christ. But it isn't just the rich. If I knew 10 Christian's in a world of 7 billion, I would rejoice. They could be out there, somewhere. But know this, narrow is the way. It is predetermined who Christ reveals himself to. It was predetermined before the world was created. I can express my concern until I am blue in the face, yet the gospel is rejected in favor of free will or law guilt or just raw unbelief! You don't want to go to hell. Can I scare you into believing? Only if it is God's will. I fear for the people, the masses of people who will be lost. I fear for the