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Jewish and Cryptos and Descendants of Jacob; Jesus in Psalms

Descendants of Jacob, no matter how little or how much "Jewish" DNA they have, can be saved now that Romans 11 has come into reality due to Luke 21:24 being fulfilled. But, the nation of Israel is not holy, just a sign. The nation that is holy is the invisible church of believers, the New Zion made up of lively stones!  Cryptos are an example of people who hid Jewish roots from persecution. Many Latinos and Arabs and certainly Palestinians come from Jacob's lineage. Many people throughout the world likely have Askenazi, or Sephardic or Mizrahim DNA. I got blood tests but not everyone can afford them. Know this, if God has called you through the circumcision of the heart, you are a Christian. But you likely have Jewish DNA or tradition and probably don't even know!  As a Ramirez, I took DNA tests and uploaded them to Gedmatch to find the Jewish cousins. I have 5th and 6th Jewish cousins by the hundreds. I have Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahin.   Here is Jesus in Psal

Coronavirus and the Last Hours

Update April 4th: The failure of the American people to take the Covid-19 seriously has resulted in a dangerous spread in places like Miami, New Orleans, New York City, and other places. When I first published this article on March 18th, I warned that we need to wear masks because there is no testing. That is not a medical assessment, it is just common sense. Now, everyone is being told to wear masks. Vindication! But we still are concerned about families running out of money. Even the government gift will likely be too little to late unless there is a larger attempt in the near future. ------------------------------------------------- The Coronavirus government response is overblown in many rural places in the USA. In the USA, the death rate, if all the sick people were tested and counted, would be very low although it is disputed. It would likely be flu like in severity but with stronger and fearful symptoms. However, the problem is this is a social disease and there are hotsp

What Is Unbelief?

Unbelief is a state of the will. If the will is not changed by the gospel and Spirit, unbelief is the heart status. Many think they believe but don't. Many don't know they don't believe. The Spirit overcomes the will. He shows the elect the misery of unbelief.  The elect believe in Christ, the Savior due to this spiritual circumcision because they have been confronted with their unbelief in a Savior by the Holy Spirit who helps and comforts the elect. (John 14:26, John 15:36) The Holy Spirit is God as are the Father and the Son. He is the Parakletos, meaning Advocate/Comforter. This word is in the masculine.  I believe a chair will support me. But that faith is not Godly faith, from God above.  More people have chair faith, or blind faith, than have Godly faith. Chair faith in Christ will result in God saying he never knew you.  Christ said He would send the Spirit because the world does not believe. The conviction of unbelief is the Spirit's primary role in the