Coronavirus and the Last Hours

Update April 4th: The failure of the American people to take the Covid-19 seriously has resulted in a dangerous spread in places like Miami, New Orleans, New York City, and other places. When I first published this article on March 18th, I warned that we need to wear masks because there is no testing. That is not a medical assessment, it is just common sense. Now, everyone is being told to wear masks. Vindication!

But we still are concerned about families running out of money. Even the government gift will likely be too little to late unless there is a larger attempt in the near future.


The Coronavirus government response is overblown in many rural places in the USA. In the USA, the death rate, if all the sick people were tested and counted, would be very low although it is disputed. It would likely be flu like in severity but with stronger and fearful symptoms. However, the problem is this is a social disease and there are hotspots like New York City where the virus is spreading rapidly.

I wear a mask as a precaution because where I live, there is little testing.

The economic chaos will be destructive, maybe more destructive than the virus, unless cooler heads prevail. The virus is real. It is dangerous for many.

But the danger to families with children and for seniors due to large crowds at grocery stores is real as well. Jamming people into grocery stores seems unwise.

Anyway, the elect in Christ must keep their eyes on Christ, praying to the Father for His return. The Coronavirus is a biblical plague, as are all viruses unleashed on mankind.

Only God shows mercy, in the midst of these dangerous terrors. He is our Rock in these last hours in time. Unbelief is the sin the Holy Spirit reveals to the chosen in Christ. They are compelled to believe as God changes the will.

No one can be saved without this sovereign work of the Spirit that draws the elect to Christ as Savior.


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