Jewish and Cryptos and Descendants of Jacob; Jesus in Psalms

Descendants of Jacob, no matter how little or how much "Jewish" DNA they have, can be saved now that Romans 11 has come into reality due to Luke 21:24 being fulfilled. But, the nation of Israel is not holy, just a sign. The nation that is holy is the invisible church of believers, the New Zion made up of lively stones! 

Cryptos are an example of people who hid Jewish roots from persecution. Many Latinos and Arabs and certainly Palestinians come from Jacob's lineage. Many people throughout the world likely have Askenazi, or Sephardic or Mizrahim DNA. I got blood tests but not everyone can afford them. Know this, if God has called you through the circumcision of the heart, you are a Christian. But you likely have Jewish DNA or tradition and probably don't even know! 

As a Ramirez, I took DNA tests and uploaded them to Gedmatch to find the Jewish cousins. I have 5th and 6th Jewish cousins by the hundreds. I have Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahin.  

Here is Jesus in Psalms with NIV translation. For those contemplating a return to Judaism as you find out about your DNA, the truth is Christ was predicted by the Old Testament. 

King David is writing:

The Lord says to my lord:[a]
“Sit at my right hand
    until I make your enemies
    a footstool for your feet.”
The Lord will extend your mighty scepter from Zion, saying,
    “Rule in the midst of your enemies!”
Your troops will be willing
    on your day of battle.
Arrayed in holy splendor,
    your young men will come to you
    like dew from the morning’s womb.[b]
The Lord has sworn
    and will not change his mind:
“You are a priest forever,
    in the order of Melchizedek.
The Lord is at your right hand[c];
    he will crush kings on the day of his wrath.
He will judge the nations, heaping up the dead
    and crushing the rulers of the whole earth.
He will drink from a brook along the way,[d]
    and so he will lift his head high.

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