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Alter Calls and the Sinner's Prayer

Alter Calls are examples of free will preachers seeking decisions for Christ by getting people to move to the front near the podium. They were often times accompanied by a canned sinner's prayer which was thought to instill faith in Jesus Christ. The definition of decision is a conclusion reached after consideration. But a person is saved when not looking for salvation, and the heart is cut (Acts 2:37), and the person calls upon the Lord. This does not happen after deliberation and consideration. It happens as soon as the heart is cut by the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Of course, the Apostle Peter never used alter calls or the sinner's prayer in Acts Chapter Two. He knew the gospel that he preached, not free will decisions, was the power of God. Alter calls and sinners prayer are not found in scripture. The many popular preachers who used either one or both of the two methods included Billy Graham, Billy Sunday, Benny Hinn, David Wilkerson and DL Moody.

Equality of Father, Son and Spirit (Destroying the Nicene Creed)

John 14:26 and John 17:20-23 are clear. Father, Son and Spirit are God. One God three persons. The Father, Son and Spirit indwelling each other! Here is my doctrinal statement regarding God, three in one: 7.   The Eternal Equality of Father, Son and Spirit from my doctrinal statement. Father, Son, and Spirit are equal beings (meaning persons) in power and authority and are of one eternal and omnipotent will. These three are one God. Christ earned the name "Son" by inheritance, subordinating Himself only for the redemption of the elect. The Protestant and Catholic teaching of eternal generation and the denial of Christ's fullness as God in His own right, is blatant false doctrine which must and will be rejected by the elect. (Col 2:8-9)  The Puritans, a Protestant sect, taught that Christ received His eternal power and attributes from the Father in what has been termed an eternal generation. But, Christ was sent to earth as fully God and fully man. If we study Acts