Equality of Father, Son and Spirit (Destroying the Nicene Creed)

7. The Eternal Equality of Father, Son and Spirit from my doctrinal statement.

Father, Son, and Spirit are equal beings (meaning persons) in power and authority and are of one eternal and omnipotent will. These three are one God. Christ earned the name "Son" by inheritance, subordinating Himself only for the redemption of the elect. The Protestant and Catholic teaching of eternal generation and the denial of Christ's fullness as God in His own right, is blatant false doctrine which must and will be rejected by the elect. (Col 2:8-9)  The Puritans, a Protestant sect, taught that Christ received His eternal power and attributes from the Father in what has been termed an eternal generation. Christ was sent to earth as fully God and fully man.

But if we study Acts 13:33 and Hebrews 1:4-5 we can see that the Puritans misused the term "begotten" which refers to Christ's resurrection, but which has no reference to an eternal process of subordination of the Son of God.  John Calvin, a father of Protestantism, made the terrible statement that Christ as to His essence is eternal, but that His person had its beginning in God. This teaching is simply not acceptable. It is false religion to set the Savior up as a lesser God and then worship Him as a lesser God. He is not a lesser God. He is fully God as is the Father and as is the Spirit. Covenant Theology supports the false teaching of eternal generation because the system requires that there be a covenant between a superior Father and subordinate Son.

The false Nicene Creed 325 says that Christ is begotten as being the essence of the father. This is wrong. Christ is begotten on the resurrection. He is not eternally begotten, as equality with God is Christ's place.

Jesus appeared in the Old Testament as Melchizadek a priest with no beginning of days.

Look at Gen 22. Isaac was clearly a type of Christ. Even down to carrying the wood to his sacrifice. Abraham, type of the Father, would have done it. The Father did require Christ to be sacrificed but spared Isaac. 

The Spirit flowed from the rock, which is symbolic of Christ, and He flows from the Father as well. (Exodus 17:6, 1 Cor. 10:4, John 15:26) This does not diminish the equality of the Holy Spirit in any way. 

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