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Summary of Gospel and Christian Doctrine

This list of crucial Christian doctrine is not every crucial doctrine but is enough to separate the believer from the false churches.  A. Flee the Denominations. Flee Sacralist religion. B. Flee all cults that seek to control your lives as well, fellow believers!  C. Flee those who teach Christ was begotten in heaven. He was only begotten on earth, being called the Son after He was born and then begotten at the Resurrection. Christ was the eternal Word with no beginning in heaven. See John 1:1 Luke 1:34 and Acts 13:33. D. And finally, flee all religion that denies the Holy Spirit is a distinct person and God equal to the Father and Son. Jesus called Him Spirit of Truth. John 14. Stand alone for Christ and the full revelation of the gospel, if necessary! 1. The gospel cuts the hearts of the pre-chosen, which is the spiritual circumcision. This cutting must come before true repentance as the power turns men and women to Christ, showing them their unbelief in a painful, but blessed wa

God Is No Respecter of Persons

God is no respecter of persons, meaning he saves people from every nation. Acts chapter 10. For 2000 years, Gentiles have been saved. It is likely that all or most the predestined Gentiles have been saved. See Romans 11 and Luke 21:24. The elect Gentiles came from every nation. Romans 11 speaks to those with Jewish DNA being cut off for a time while Gentiles were saved. For nearly 2000 years, Gentiles have been saved while Jews were cut off. Rahab was given God gifted faith and she was a Canaanire woman. Hebrews 11. But God promised to save all the elect Jews as well. It is by descent. Paul spoke of wishing his race, the Israelites, could be saved in his place! Rom 9:1-4. It hurt him that the Jews as a people and a culture were getting cut off from Covenant except for the elect.  It matters not if they were practicing this or that religion or nothing. God is calling the final elect persons to believe in Jesus Christ through the New Covenant. All the elect Jews and Gentiles will be

Enoch and the Giants

Enoch was a prophet who did not see death. He was mentioned in Hebrews 11:5 along with the mentions by the Apostle Peter and Jude. He is quoted by Jude. In Genesis 6 the giants are said to be heroes. However that is not speaking to heroes in a good and noble sense. The Book of Enoch is valuable if you replace the Parables with the Book of Giants. Enoch, and the Book of Giants, explains that the Giants were not heroes as we think of heroes, but rather were evil and hurt mankind badly. The Flood was likely engineered by God to destroy the giants as well as their fathers, the fallen angels who lived on the earth. Regular people were warned but ignored Noah. The fallen angels, called Sons of God, came to earth and had relations with human women. Genesis 6 is clear about this. The giants were their offspring. This is my take, subject to revision. Enoch's writings, with the more recent Parables section eliminated, should be considered with respect, with the understanding that the