Enoch and the Giants

Enoch was a prophet who did not see death. He was mentioned in Hebrews 11:5 along with the mentions by the Apostle Peter and Jude. He is quoted by Jude.

In Genesis 6 the giants are said to be heroes. However that is not speaking to heroes in a good and noble sense. The Book of Enoch is valuable if you replace the Parables with the Book of Giants. Enoch, and the Book of Giants, explains that the Giants were not heroes as we think of heroes, but rather were evil and hurt mankind badly.

The Flood was likely engineered by God to destroy the giants as well as their fathers, the fallen angels who lived on the earth. Regular people were warned but ignored Noah. The fallen angels, called Sons of God, came to earth and had relations with human women. Genesis 6 is clear about this. The giants were their offspring.

This is my take, subject to revision. Enoch's writings, with the more recent Parables section eliminated, should be considered with respect, with the understanding that the New Covenant becomes the final determination regarding Enoch's works.

It is not for me to determine if the writings are inspired. We know that Enoch's prophesy was at least worthy of repeating by the Apostles.


George Floyd Death

The unlawful execution of George Floyd was disgusting. Christians, and there are few, must speak out against unlawful government behavior. Believers have suffered throughout history at the hands of the authorities. All races deserve the same justice. That should be a priority goal of all American law enforcement communities.

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