God Is No Respecter of Persons

God is no respecter of persons, meaning he saves people from every nation. Acts chapter 10. For 2000 years, Gentiles have been saved. It is likely that all or most the predestined Gentiles have been saved. See Romans 11 and Luke 21:24.

The elect Gentiles came from every nation. Romans 11 speaks to those with Jewish DNA being cut off for a time while Gentiles were saved. For nearly 2000 years, Gentiles have been saved while Jews were cut off.

Acts 2:32 says that the light was a revelation to Gentiles. The early church preached to Gentiles because the Holy Spirit forced them to save the elect Gentiles.

Rahab was given God gifted faith and she was a Canaanite woman. Hebrews 11.

But God promised to save all the elect Jews as well. It is by descent. Paul spoke of wishing his race, the Israelites, could be saved in his place! Rom 9:1-4. It hurt him that the Jews as a people and a culture were getting cut off from Covenant except for the elect.  It matters not if they were practicing this or that religion or nothing. God is calling the final elect persons to believe in Jesus Christ through the New Covenant.

All the elect Jews and Gentiles will be saved by faith which comes from God, not man. But few persons are saved, especially now. There is very little God granted faith in the world! 2 Timothy 2:25.

Jewish DNA is almost everywhere. Many who would otherwise consider themselves Gentiles actually have a small amount of Jewish DNA, which means they descend by race from Jacob. Paul viewed the Israelites as a race. But now that DNA is also contained among many other races!

For example, I am a Ramirez by birth. My DNA reflects Sephardic and Ashkenazi people in my ancestry.*

Since God is calling from those who are natural roots, (see Rom 11), many people don't even know they could be eligible for salvation. But do not worry, God will save the elect descendents of Jacob even if they do not know their heritage.

Those who believe are cut to the heart by the truth of the gospel, turn to Him at the appointed time, and are filled with the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ. It happens to be those elect who have even a little Jewish DNA who are now being saved so that God's promise to Jacob is fulfilled.

I believe in this predestined plan of God though I believe the superiority of the New Covenant. The sacralists Calvinists taught predestination but were not predestined because they did not believe in the superiority of the New Covenant. They believed both covenants were the same. 

Here is a defense of predestination:

So the truth is, regeneration, or being born again precedes true repentance. The wind blows where it wills. That means the Holy Spirit saves who He wants, driving the elect to the Savior. I testify today that no one writes about this much because most are lost! The so-called Christian world teaches that repentance precedes regeneration. All those people cannot be saved. Paul was knocked down on the road to Damascus before he believed. The listeners of Peter's sermon in Acts 2 were cut to the heart before repentance. In multiple places in scripture repentance is something granted to those chosen. Ears to hear are a gift. Eyes to see are a gift. No room for free will.

* If any true believer chooses to take a DNA test they can upload their DNA to Gedmatch dot com. They can run the admixture tests found there to see if they have modern Jewish DNA and/or ancient Hebrew DNA (using the Gedrosian admixture tests for ancient results.)

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George Floyd's death has galvanized changed the way that people think in America. The arrogance of power and the arrogance of those who would subdue based on race were exposed, terribly. Please call for change in America. I know this is not the gospel. I don't seek to argue that subject except to say that it is wrong to have a racist president. I hope Trump is voted out. Hate crimes have increased since he became president. Our leaders are all capable of evil. Satan controls much of what they do. But Trump is just an awful human being. 


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