Summary of Gospel and Christian Doctrine

This list of crucial Christian doctrine is not every crucial doctrine but is enough to separate the believer from the false churches. Flee all cults that seek to control your lives as well, fellow believers!

1. The gospel cuts the hearts of the pre-chosen, which is the spiritual circumcision. This cutting must come before true repentance as the power turns men and women to Christ, showing them their unbelief in a painful, but blessed way. This regeneration (a true rebirth) always precedes true repentance and faith. (Acts 11:18, 2 Tim 2:25). The gospel message is the good news of Christ's death and resurrection for the elect. The gospel saves without the need for preparation. (Acts 2, Romans 1:16-17).

2. No preparatory work of law is required. The gospel is all powerful. The Protestants and Catholic chief theologian Augustine all greatly erred, losing their souls, by preaching a watered down gospel of mandatory law preparation, which was no gospel at all! (Galatians ch 1.)

3. God has predestined the elect who are chosen not based on their works, but because God loved them from all eternity. (Eph 1, Rom 9). Christ died for the sheep (John 10) and will not fail to save those chosen before the foundation of the cosmos. God has saved Jewish and Gentile believers.  All sins are blotted out for those predestined. Christ gave His life as a ransom for many.  (Mark 10:45) They no longer have to pay for sin that would have kept them from dwelling in God. The non elect, the vast majority of mankind, will pay for their own sin through eternal assignment to Hell.

The law of Moses is an external law that must be kept perfectly. Only Christ did that. (Rom 10:4). But the Law of Moses spoke plainly of Christ, and rejoiced in Galilee. (Isaiah 9). Christ was born in Judea but dwelled in Galilee. (Matthew 3:13).

5. The New Law of Christ, a law of faith and love and grace, is superior to the law of Moses, which was a law of sin and death. The law of Christ, the law of faith, can be fulfilled. The New Covenant acknowledges that we are sinners saved by grace. The external law of Moses requiring sinless perfection is made obsolete! Christ is the author and perfecter of our faith. (Heb 12:2)

More crucial scriptures about the superiority of the law of Christ which is faith to the end. Moses spoke of Christ and was a type of Christ. The law written on stone, even the 10 Commandments, are external and have no power and Israel could not keep that law, and lost its covenant with God. (2 Cor 3, Deut 18:15-19, Deut 28:58-68, Rom 6:13-14, Eph 2:15, Heb 8:13, Galatians 6:2, 1 Cor 9:20-21).

6. Man can only choose evil. Free will can only choose evil. The heart must be changed in the true Christian believer. God does this at the appointed time. (Romans 9). Christ only died for the sheep. (John 10).

7. Christ is on the throne of David now. He is also the high priest who replaced the Levitical priesthood forever. His sacrifice of His own blood was what necessitated a change of law from the law of Moses to the law of Christ. Christ is King. (Heb 7:12, Acts 2:29-36, Acts 13:32-36 ). The abolition of the law of Moses allowed believers from both Jews and Gentiles to fellowship as one new man in Christ. ( Eph 2:15) God is no racist. The gospel went to the nations.

8. Christ is equal to the Father. He was subordinated to the Father while on earth for His work of redemption. Teaching eternal generation (subordination) of the Son destroys the truth that Christ is fully God. (Acts 2). Christ is fully diety in bodily form. (Colossians 2:9). Christ said (John 14:9) to Philip that if anyone has seen Him they have seen the Father. Also, the Holy Spirit indwells the believers. Since Father, Son and Spirit indwell each other, through the Spirit both the Father and Son dwell in the believer. (John 17:21, John 15:26)

9. Righteousness is assigned to the elect from first faith on. It is a gift of God as is faith. (Eph 1 and 2). Once justified by faith, the chosen can never fall out of the kingdom of Christ. They are sealed with the Spirit. The elect will persevere in faith, which continues to be reckoned as righteousness. Abraham was reckoned righteous multiple times. (Hebrews 11). While Peter says the chosen partake of the divine nature (2 Pet 1:4), we do not partake of God's righteousness except through faith. 

10. Righteousness, then, only belongs to God. (Philippians 3:9). It cannot be infused (Catholic/Aquinas evil doctrine) or imparted (Methodist/Wesleyan evil doctrine). It is reckoned/counted/imputed to the Christian. We partake of Christ's righteousness by God given faith. But it only belongs to the Triune God. (Romans 8). Abraham had righteousness reckoned to his account prior to physical circumcision. He was the father not only of physical Israel but also father of the uncircumcised elect Gentiles. (Rom chapter 4) The elect Jews and Gentiles believers are both children of promise through the gift of imputed righteousness. (Gal 4:21-31)

11. The Sabbath of the New Covenant is Christ. He is our rest through faith. We are sealed in Christ through the Spirit, as proof of our citizenship in the New Covenant. After all, a spiritual covenant has no need of days. Paul wanted no judging regarding days. (See Galatians letter and Heb. Chapters 3 and 4 and Col 2:8-17).

12. Gnosticism goes beyond what the Apostles taught regarding the elements. It teaches that Christ did not come in the flesh. But He did come in the flesh and believers' bodies are holy and will be preserved for all eternity. (1John 4:2) Those who teach that Paul was a gnostic teach false religion in order to make money. Paul defended Christ in the flesh (Rom 1:3-4), and the preservation of our physical bodies for eternity.

13. Most of ancient Israel was not saved. Indeed, the children of promise, Abraham's lasting seed are Christians through the promise of Christ. (See Romans 9:6-9). See also Gal 4:21-31 where Sarah represents the New Covenant and Hagar the Old. Paul proclaims the Gentiles in Galatia are included among the children of promise! The word of God does not fail. The ancient Hebrews who were not saved were not meant to be saved, only a remnant. But all Christians, elected Jews and Gentiles who are predestined in the New Covenant are saved.(Jeremiah 31, Romans 9: 27-29).

14. Both Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism are false teachings, locking the non elect into bondage. Protestants thought they were predestined. But they never saw the law of faith as being superior to the law of Moses. That is bondage! Most who profess Christ are not really saved, preferring bondage to the Law of Moses or some other false doctrine, to knowledge in Christ. Dispensationalists deny the current kingship of Christ. (Acts:2) They are false teachers as they teach a separate track for Jewish salvation. (See Links Below This Summary)

15. Within the believers, a change is happening. The Gentiles the world over were called for two thousand years. Their times have been fulfilled. Luke 21:24. It is time for those with even a little Jewish DNA (or tradition) to be grafted back into the olive tree if God reveals Christ in us. The same gospel and New Law are in force now as when the Gentiles were being called. No separate track exists for those with Jewish DNA. See Romans 11 and Galatians 1. Can God make exceptions and save some Gentiles? It is possible but not certain.

16. There is one true Zion, believers in Christ (Heb 12:22-24). Christ said this kingdom is not observable. Physical Israel is not, nor will it be the true Zion. Physical Israel is a sign only. Luke 21:24 It is not the true Zion! Therefore, attempting to rest in Christ while keeping the Old Covenant Law is false religion. The entire letter to the Galatians rejects that dual track. There is one track, Christ and the law of Christ in the hearts of the chosen!

17. The rebellion (2 Thess 2), Great Tribulation, and man of perdition refers to the First Jewish War 66-73 AD fought in Judea. Christ in Mt 24 warns to flee Judea to escape the abomination of desolation. General Titus laid waste to Israel in 70 AD, and was a true man of perdition. This was not the end of time which is future. Christ's Second Coming is future.

18. Revelation 7:14 speaks to an ongoing late Jewish and Gentile tribulation which may have ended when the Gentiles were cut off just after WW2. Or it may be continuing. However, it is not the Great Tribulation fought at Judea (Mt 24). That tribulation scattered the Jewish nation.

19. There are few people who have experienced God working in the world. There are few people who have been granted saving faith through the circumcision of the heart. Christ asked if He would find believers when he returns. That could be soon. (Luke 18:8, Rom 2:29).

20. Take these doctrines to your church leaders. If you are rejected, and if you are not allowed to freely share all these doctrines, you must escape the bondage! Suffer with Christ outside the gate. Count it an extra blessing if you have fellowship outside the gate. Few are saved. Christ suffered alone. (See Hebrews 13:12-14). Do not be taken prisoner by cults in the world who want to take advantage of you. That includes the cult of Donald Trump.

My name is Gary Anderson. I am adopted. My natural father was a Ramirez with Sephardic and Ashkenazi and Mizrahin DNA. People the world over may have Jewish DNA or family tradition. Some may be called according to descent from Jacob as was prophesied by Paul in Romans chapter 11. But few are saved. Christ said narrow is the gate. (Luke 13:22-28) Predestination is true but Calvinism as Covenant Theology is not!

Those selling the gospel are not approved. See 2 Cor. 2:17. The KJV is wrong. All the other translations have it right. Paul was approved because he did not peddle the word of God. The TV preachers, all those who do not just live on donations, are fake. All of them. Not one millionaire TV preacher is saved. It is impossible. You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time.

Same is true for the bible colleges. People enroll and pay for the gospel. That is wrong. There were no bible colleges in the early church in the first century AD. How absurd!

To summarize my view of gospel vs law. The law is a complete unit. When the priesthood changed to Christ, the entire law was changed. The Old Covenant was abolished. (Heb 8:13)

 The change of priesthood gives us a new Covenant with lively stones being the temple of God. That New Covenant does not need elemental religion, ie taste not touch not. That New Covenant has the law of faith, not requiring sinless perfection. (1 Tim 4:1-5)

Christ fulfilled the law (Mt 5:17-20), but His death and resurrection abolished the law. (Eph 2:15)

The physical teaches of the spiritual, which fulfills the elemental examples. Physical Israel is replaced by Spiritual Israel. Jerusalem is replaced by the heavenly Jerusalem. Zion is replaced by the heavenly Zion. Moses is replaced by Christ. The Sabbath is replaced by Christ. Animal sacrifices are replaced by the perfect sacrifice of Christ. King David is replaced by Christ on an eternal throne.

The law of faith is perfected by Christ, but the requirement of sinless perfection was buried by the cross of Christ. The law of Moses was a unit. It was external to the heart. Christians must learn this.  It is wrong to divide it into moral, civil and ceremonial. It has been replaced by a far superior law in the hearts of those making up the new temple! Even the Sabbath is no longer elemental, but is rest in Christ through faith. See Hebrews 3 and 4.

The 1000 years in Revelation is most likely symbolic starting from the Lord's resurrection and is certainly not a literal future 1000 years. After all, we reign as a royal or kingly priesthood in life and in death. (1 Pet 2:9 and Rev 1:6.) The first resurrection were Old Testament saints seen walking in Jerusalem in their bodies just after Christ's resurrection. (Matthew 27:51-53.)

The Lord will come back to collect the saints in the air and immediately destroy the earth all at the Day of the Lord, so it can be refashioned. (2 Thess 1:6-10). No time for a future 1000 years. No time for a secret rapture.  (2 Peter chapter 3). And anyone teaching the reestablishment of the Old Covenant when Christ is the perfect sacrifice for sin will not inherit eternal life!

This blogger rejects Fascism and right wing so called Christian politics and, which has proved to be a religion without mercy.

The elect are saved to reap joy in Christ, but also are saved from the unending misery that is Hell where billions of people will go to suffer endlessly. 

We chosen deserved the same fate as the majority of mankind, but Christ suffered pain and misery to deliver the sheep from never ending torment. Rev 20:10. This wonderful mercy sets us free to have faith to the end.

All the best in Christ!

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