A Meme About Daniel

I have been told this meme is Adventist. But this timeline of Daniel is incorrect. It attempts to be correct as there is no postponement 70th week, just to fit a legalistic Dispensational system. Dispensationalism is garbage and bondage!

However, the following meme is likely very incorrect. The accurate start date should be 445 BC according to Nehemiah chapter 2. Here is the incorrect meme with the incorrect start date of 457 BC.

It is likely the start date for the restoration of Israel is 445 BC, not 457 BC. See the first link below. 445 is necessary to bring us to Christ's entrance to Jerusalem which was 32 AD. He was cut off after 69 weeks, not after 70 weeks as the meme teaches.

We see Christ as the fulfillment of the prophesy. We see Israel's time runs out with the stoning of Stephen according to the meme. But this is incorrect, as Paul turned away from the Jews to the Gentiles much later. Acts 13 Then the gospel goes to the Gentiles for 2000 years, and then back to those with Jewish DNA.

But now we see in Romans 11 and Luke 21:24, that it is time for the elect Jews to be grafted in, even though the New Zion is believers, not the physical nation of Israel. Rightly divide the word of truth with is one.

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