The Love of God; A Fifty Year Journey

The love of God in my life began 50 years ago. I was not looking for God. I had heard bad versions of the gospel multiple times prior to age 21. 

But at that age of 21, God took pieces of the gospel I had heard and gave me an understanding of Godly faith through divine revelation. So when I was 21, not looking for God, I was taken over from above. My heart was cut. The true nature of my unbelief was exposed. I was alone in a house at the time.

God did not ask me for permission to construct this surgery on my soul. My old heart was replaced by a new heart. I had nothing to do with it. God decided to change me heart compelling me to repent of my unbelief!

So, I had no choice, I was falling even though I stood on solid ground. I had to express my need for the Savior as unbelief became very uncomfortable. Looking to Him I was given repentance which can only come through this regeneration. Being born again through the spiritual cutting of the heart came before my repentance and faith.

My heart was changed in an instant. My hesitation to repent regarding Christ was changed in a short time, likely under a minute! A new heart is God's promise to the chosen ones through Jesus Christ. This change of heart made resistance to the inner call of God impossible! Repentance was granted! 2 Tim 2:25.

A day or two later through believing in Jesus, the love of God fell upon me in such abundance that I was filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, which was in me as I was born again before repentance, has blessed me ever since.

My personal testimony is my defense of the power of God's predestination! Those who teach free will do not understand. The gospel is the sword of the Spirit. It cuts the heart as the listeners in Acts chapter 2 experienced. But we know the gospel does not cut the hearts of everyone. This alone proves God has chosen the elect in predestination..

I have tried out hundreds of churches and all visible denominations. None of them have any understanding of this gospel of Christ. Most believe in the power of free will
and man's goodness. Others, like the Protestants, believe law preparation and guilt from law must prepare the heart for the gospel. Nothing could be further from the truth than these false gospels!

Only a few, like these 1646 early Baptist believers understood the gospel power, though there have surely been more like us through history. Pay attention to section XXV.

The joy unspeakable that is the Holy Spirit dwelling in the believer points to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit was with the believers in the Old Testament. He filled them with the love of God. But He dwells in the believer now that Christ has risen, breaking down the barrier between a holy God and a saved sinner.

The Holy Spirit is our advocate. He is in the world convicting of unbelief and filling the few believers with joy that cannot be explained to the world. While we partake of the divine nature, according to Peter, we are not righteousness. Only God is righteousness. We are counted righteous through God given faith. 

Through the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Word made flesh dwell in the believer eternally. John 1:1, John 14:15-17

Believers must hold fast to this truth from Paul in 1 Cor 2:14 that shows regeneration must come before repentance:

"The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit." NIV

I had to escape Dispensationalism but it was easy. Most prophesy was fulfilled around 70 AD when the city of Jerusalem was destroyed by General Titus and the Roman armies. Titus was a bad man, likely the man of perdition along with his evil father.

The Second Coming of Christ is future. There is no secret rapture. Christ will meet Christians in the air and destroy and refashion the world. The Lord already walked on the Mount of Olives/Bethany as He carried out His earthy ministry.

Many Old Covenant believers and patriarchs were seen walking the streets of Jerusalem after Christ was risen as evidence that the resurrection of Jesus broke down the barrier! Matt 27:51-53. That was the first resurrection. They reigned with Christ 1000 years. World Wars 1 and 2 provide proof that Satan has been loosed. Gog and Magog are two Roman clad statues that "guard" the City of London, ie the Square Mile.

Anyway, the weaker I become, in my old age, the stronger the Spirit has become. His joy is  bliss that passes all human understanding, way different than natural joy and love. They are simply not on the same level. They are not the same kind of love.

This divine love is handed out to very few people. Those chosen to receive God's love are sinners just like the rest of mankind. Why God chose to love me and not others is beyond my grasp. But the love makes me yearn for more.

We never own God's love even though the Holy Spirit dwells in the chosen forever. We never own justification by faith because righteousness belongs to God only. Yet the souls and bodies of the elect have been purchased and are owned by the living God through Jesus Christ. That is an eternal gift forever and ever! 2 Cor 4:6-7 shows us that the gift of God is not owned by us, it is not ours. We give God the glory for the gifts we have. 

So, through the Holy Spirit, the Father and also the Son, who gave Himself for me, dwell in me as well. They dwell in the Holy Spirit who dwells in me.

Three persons who are the living God who created the vast universe and hold it together, care about me with a love that is so wonderful that I bow in awe.

To keep in the love given to me 50 years ago, I have had to test churches hoping to find this joy. They have all failed. My guard is up. I will protect this love that dwells in me with my heart and mind as the Kingdom of God and the judgement day come near.

Stand alone if the doctrines of truth are rejected by your church leadership. That is the likely outcome. Stay away from the Pentecostal charismatics. Flee people who bark and twitch. The spirit they have is not the Holy Spirit. God's gospel raises the elect with power in Jesus Christ. But we have the completed scriptures and the apostles, Paul being the last appointed apostle.

Reject the charismatics and pentacostals because they come from Catholicism (infused) and Wesleyan (imparted) righteousness and because their doctrine is always fatal. Stay with the principles of grace and the power of love will permit you to overcome. Avoid the phony ecstasy of the Assemblies of God and other big spiritual movements, with twitching and excitement and weird slain in the spirit fraud.

Jesus Christ will return one more time. The world will see Him as lightning across the sky. He will lift the bodies and souls of the elect both dead and alive and the earth will be destroyed by fire only to be refashioned. Christ will take His believers, the invisible church, as a husband would take a bride.

But this bride of Christ will not experience a carnal earthly love between a bride and groom, but rather an intensity of the divine love given as a down payment to believers while we live on the earth, in our unredeemed bodies.

Once the earth is refashioned and there is a new heaven and new earth, the bride and Father, Son, and Spirit will dwell on earth eternally. Praise God! 

See studies below which can lead to eternal life and keep us from losing our blessings. This gospel is not for sale. Most of the visible Christian world simply has no understanding of the greatness of God as the leaders chase after money selling their religious books on Amazon and on other book outlets.

Our Savior has purchased the elect with His tortuous sacrifice at the hands of evil men. The unbelieving will not be brought to true faith and some of them dishonored Lord and shamed Him. He endured it all for us. Now He sits on the throne of David! Acts 2:29-36, Acts 13:32-36

Christ is firstborn of the dead! Rev 1:5-9.

Billions upon billions of people have not been so purchased and will die in their sins. We all deserved that eternal suffering but God showed us mercy. 

God is great. His love passes all understanding. Please come back soon, Lord Jesus as soon as your total number of elect are safe in Jesus Christ!

Contact me. I do not seek money, or to lord it over you like the cults do. Ask me questions! Do you want me to write about something? (bgamall at Gmail dot com)


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