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The Torah Sacrifice and a Better Way

I found this wonderful and concise explanation for all believers, but especially for Jewish believers who were raised under the law: In Judaic Theology, four concepts are involved:1) Adamic sin which is genetic or inheritted2) individual sins which we commit ourselves3) Forgiveness of sins4) Ratification of forgivenessEvery man begotten of a human father inherits the sin of Adam, for which we all suffer death. Everyman begotten of man, commits individual sins, for which there are commensurate punishment or.penalties.Now, because there is such a concept as sin in the Law of Moses the concept of forgivesness of sins also emerged. Yet, for every sin, whether Adamic or individual, after penitence and repentance, the forgiveness must needs be ratified by the "shedding of blood."  Without the use of blood to ratify forgiveness, ones sins are retained intact. But with the use of blood, it is ratified that our sins are forgiven.Thus, in the Old Covenant, individual sins were forgive…

Bible Dilemmas, Free Will and Pharisees

It may be helpful to deal with Bible dilemmas. Election and a plane crash. Infants in Hell. Christ died for the sheep. The new Pharisees are free willers. The Gospel is not for sale. The elect are elect even before they are saved.  Grace and Great Trinity scriptures. Sleep isn't sleep. Tongues and Prophesy were temporary.Natural Conscience does not save anyone.
1. Is God unfair choosing a few people to be saved? Well, say there is a plane crash. Most people die but a handful live. Aren't we happy that a handful lived? God chose who  lives and no one faults Him. So the human race crashed in Adam. God has chosen a few to live and yet everyone is angry about that choosing. God is now somehow wrong for choosing when He did not have to save anyone!
2. An infant is raped and dies. A sovereign God plans all things. So how is that evil a fair representative of a just God? First, the rape and death show the power of evil in the world and that evil is really evil. It is disgustingly wicke…