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The New Covenant is not a Modification of the Old

  The New Covenant Is Not A Modification Of The Old Covenant. Infant baptism was a false New Covenant version of Old Covenant Circumcision. But the Covenants are different. Baptism is now for believers only.  Predestination is true but Protestant sacralism is not. The New Covenant is only for believers, not for unbelieving children! The New Law of Christ is superior to the law of Moses because it saves.  The Protestants never acknowledged that the New is superior to the Old. The NC saves. The OC did not. The elect in the Old were saved by grace, not by the law of Moses! See this: The New Covenant Is Not A Modification Of The Old Covenant Lest anyone should seriously entertain the notion that the New Covenant is in harmony with the Old Covenant or that it is a modification of the Old Testament or that it is still in force today, consider the following Scriptures: Old Mosaic Covenant New Spiritual Covenant OLD Cov........................2Co 3:14 NEW Covenant.....2Co 3:6

Trump Mocks God with Covid-19

 Donald Trump is testing and mocking God by saying he is strong and the Covid-19 he caught, is weak. Trump has not, as of this writing, defeated the virus. He also has put photographers and military men at the White House in danger.  The Coronavirus, Covid, came from God. The book of Revelation speaks to vials and plagues being poured out upon the earth. For any world leader to make fun of God, as if that leader was stronger than God, is a serious error in judgement.  Most people, even those who are not Christians, show some appreciation and gratitude for surviving Covid-19. Donald Trump is bragging about surviving Covid, even though he is not out of the woods. Those who are arrogant will face trouble in this world. Donald Trump is headed for trouble from on High. Could he change, and help others take Covid seriously. I don't think so. The world is like a media event to him, and his image is all that matters. Meanwhile, those who do not receive his high level treatment may suffer f