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You Are Fired, Donald Trump

Donald Trump was taken down by God. The virus was sent to take him down. Without the virus, Trump would have been an easy winner.  Donald Trump was a racist who allowed racism to come out from folks who were never emboldened before. Racism has always existed in America, but progress toward snuffing it out was turned upside down by Donald Trump, a man who vexed many. He was hurtful in separating children from parents at the border. He hurt Puerto Rico after the massive hurricane. He didn't really fight the Corona Virus.  But Trump also was frenetic. He was the opposite of calm. His clown show simply wore people out. Biden is a moderate. Let's hope he continues that steady calming moderation.  Malachi 3:5-6 clearly shows God opposes taking away justice for foreigners, God opposes those who withhold wages for workers and those who have no compassion for widows and orphans. Donald Trump has failed all of these commands.  The Old Covenant does not apply to physical nations by law as