Jacob and Esau and Predestination

 Heb 12:16 See that no one is sexually immoral, or is godless like Esau, who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son. NIV 

So we see that Esau was godless after all. This verifies that Paul was talking about predestination to eternal life in Romans chapter 9. He wasn't talking about just the positioning of blessings. He was talking about Jacob being chosen for eternal life and Esau being chosen for eternal damnation.

Esau was hated from and for all eternity. This is a sobering reality. Many are called and few are chosen for eternal life. 

We have had billions upon billions of human beings born since the beginning in Adam. Yet if a few million are saved that could prove to be a generous number! 

 I am telling you with Jewish DNA the truth like John the Baptist. Few are saved at this moment in history. The Gentiles have been called for 2000 years with many called. Luke 21:24

 Now Jews and those with Jewish DNA are being called. Rom chapter 11. This is within the New Covenant, not Dispensationalism which is false religion. I take particular care to give those persons like you an opportunity to be a part of the great feast. 

Only a remnant were saved in Old Israel. Most Israelites were lost. Those saved were raised from the dead thru the resurrection of Christ! Matt 22:51-53. The New Covenant command is to believe. 

Yet we know Jacob was loved and Esau hated. Divine election is a gift of God. Esau repented; but it did him no good! Rom 9. You will never hear from another one like me. I want Jewish people to be saved and I don't mean through messianic Judaism. The gospel is the power of God. The law is powerless. Romans 8:2-3. 

There is no such thing as a mixture of gospel and the law of Moses. Salvation can only be through one way, the gospel!

The New Law of Christ is God given faith to the end, not sinless perfection as required by the law of Moses. If we say we have no sin we are liars, but the goal of God given faith is holiness. But those who believe in free will trust in a man generated faith. They see people who have their kind of faith falling away regularly. But the reason is, it is not the same faith that the Bible speaks about. Real faith is evidence of things unseen. Heb 11:1. Peter said he obtained faith. It is not obtained by everyone!

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