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Jesus Will Heap Up the Dead. Psalm 110.

 We see in Psalm 110 that the Priest after the order of Melchizedek (Jesus in Hebrews 7) will return in judgement. The priest, Christ Jesus, has no beginning of days. The Lord Jesus, who is named the Word in Revelation 19, will return in judgment and the Psalmist King David says the dead will be "heaped up"! Heaped up can only mean that the billions of unbelievers living on the earth will be destroyed on that day. (NIV, BSB) The Psalmist issued this terrible warning with the hope that some will be saved through the message that brings faith to those chosen, as David was chosen. (Hebrews chapter 11.) The dead heaped up is a dreadful prophesy. There is none like it! The elect will be delivered from this wrath of the Almighty Savior who has been glorified at the right hand of God. Make no mistake, Jesus, with no beginning of days, is Deity along with the Father and Holy Spirit.  Melchizedek is Jesus Christ as he is the King of righteousness and King of peace (Salem). Hebrews 7:1