New Covenant Theology

My Doctrinal Statement, which is an important document for believers to read. The gospel, alone, is the power of God. (Gary Anderson is my adopted name.)

1. The Gospel Is the Power of God

The gospel, not the law, is the power of God. This is because unbelief is the greatest sin, upon which all other sins result. The gospel of Christ cuts to the heart of the elect, creating faith, and it is never necessary to implement the preaching of the law to do what the gospel allegedly cannot do. It is my view (God has shown me), that the gospel alone, apart from the law, is the power of God. Acts chapter 2 offers absolute proof of this truth, as we see that the gospel preaching of Peter causes the listeners to be cut to the heart. The guilt that comes from natural conscience has nothing whatsoever to do with this divine conviction that saves. Romans 8:3 shows the law of Moses was too weak to save because it lacked the perfect sacrifice, Jesus Christ! It is never necessary to bring in the law to somehow cause salvation to take place once the gospel is rejected, or to prepare the soul to receive the gospel.

The command of the gospel is to believe in Christ risen. Being born again must happen, but it is only the result of true faith.  See 1 Timothy 1:13 and John 16: 9.  This doctrinal statement is a rejection of law preaching that focuses on individual sins, not on unbelief, the sin which salvation first eradicates. It is also a rejection of free will, of the holiness Methodist movement and associated movements as discussed in section 8B. God changes the hearts of those chosen, to will calling upon the Savior.
2. God Has Predestined a Chosen People and Those with Jewish Heritage are Center Stage

God has predestined a chosen people to be saved through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The result of this finished work (sacrifice) of Christ is the application of the truth of this act into the hearts of those predestined to believe. Predestination is of God. Calvinism, which includes Covenant Theology, is debunked in Section 5. (Also, transubstantiation of Lutherism destroys the faith that Christ's sacrifice was complete and final.) 

Faith is a gift. (2 Tim 2:25, Philippians 1:29) The gospel message of Christ's death and resurrection is applied to the heart of the elect by sovereign action. Christ is revealed in the elect at God's chosen time (Gal ch 1), making the doctrine of free will a false gospel. (Romans ch. 9) Since Jesus laid down His life for the sheep, the atonement is a full atonement for all sin, including unbelief, and a limited atonement in that it is a full atonement for only those chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world. (John 10:11-16) The Old Covenant elect received the same good news as we receive. Do not be deceived about this. (Hebrews 4:2)

The elect are now those with Jewish DNA and/or heritage. The Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled and the elect Gentiles have most likely all been redeemed. See Luke 21:24 and Roman's ch 11. See also doctrine 4 below for a more complete explanation.

3. Christian Liberty As Doctrine 

God has given the elect a liberty in Christ. Christian liberty means that the true believers are free from elemental religion in the New Covenant. In the age of liberty, created things are neither holy, nor evil, but rather are sanctioned or created for the good of man. Created things are not a part of Christ's spiritual kingdom, with the exception of the physical bodies of the elect, which will be preserved in the resurrection of the dead. At that day of final resurrection those bodies will become holy. (Rom 14, Col 2:20-23, Gal 4:9-11)

Those who wish to count certain created things as being holy, such as those who would esteem one day above another cannot judge those who do not count these things as being holy. Galatians 2:14 offers absolute proof of Christian liberty as Peter is portrayed as one who lives as a Gentile, but was requiring that the Gentiles follow Jewish laws! Of course Peter turned away from commanding the Gentiles to adopt Jewish culture after Paul's rebuke, and there is evidence that he no longer lived as a Jew. He had the right to live as he chose under the gospel! Don't let people judge you regarding what you eat or drink and understand that the NC Sabbath is rest in Christ through faith, not Saturday or Sunday or any day. (Heb. 4).

Some Messianic Jewish leaders teach that Jewish festivals bring an added or special blessing that those who don't participate miss out on. That is a sneaky form of saying the Mosaic law is superior and yet it is inferior. Real Christians can keep the days, the traditions if they choose, but they mean nothing to someone like me, raised without the law of Moses, but with Jewish ancestors. They meant nothing to Peter either, who lived like the Gentiles. (Gal: 2:14)

4. The New Covenant Church of Believers

The New Covenant Church is made up of believers only. These are called from Jews and Gentiles to make a new man in Christ. There is no provision in God's plan for those who never hear the gospel. (Rom 10:14) The elect in the New Covenant church will hear the gospel and they will at some point in this life believe that gospel. 

According to Romans chapter 11, the prophesy is that the Gentiles' numbers are fulfilled in the last days, resulting in the elect Jews being called back as the natural roots are grafted on to the olive tree in the final hours. These elect with Jewish heritage could include Palestinians and Iberian peoples. Also, other Mediterranean peoples, and many others, like some Germans, some Africans, some people from India, also Arabian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, etc, who are likely descendants of Jacob as well according to DNA evidence and/or historical proximity to ancient Hebrews or to Sephardic and Ashkenazi populations. 

If we consider all the sailing and silk road travel, and close proximity, there could be ancient Hebrew and post Christ Jewish DNA almost anywhere!

I have Iberian heritage through my natural father and Ashkenazi and Sephardic DNA cousins.* 

This truth is occurring now, but is in no way a defense of Dispensationalism which is debunked below. There are not many people chosen in Christ according to the gospel. 

5. The Evil Doctrine of Covenant Theology

The doctrine of Covenant Theology, or one covenant of grace that encompasses the Old Covenant and New Covenant, is a doctrine that is a fatal error (spiritually) and is the central error of John Calvin. It is CRUCIAL to note that the Mosaic Covenant was a covenant of works, not of grace. (Gal. 3:11-19) But this Covenant Theology denies this truth and is a doctrine that is the pillar of both Protestant and Catholic beliefs and is a false teaching. The types and shadows of the Old Testament have their fulfillment in Christ and in His Church. The false elevation of the Old Covenant to a covenant of grace by the Protestants and Catholics resulted in legalism, infant baptism as a replacement for infant circumcision of the Old Testament, a false substitution of Sunday for Saturday as being the sabbath day and a sacral fusion of church and state. Christ is our sabbath rest, not Saturday nor Sunday, and baptism is only for believers. (Heb 4, Heb 13:20, Acts 2:38)

Most of the Jews did not have faith in the Old Covenant times and were lost. A remnant was saved. These were believers who were saved through the understanding that their Redeemer lived, as we see in the book of Job. The doctrine of One Covenant of Grace is the longest running misuse of the law of Moses. 

The glory of the New Covenant is with us now. To make the Old Covenant, a covenant that could not be fulfilled by man, that was of works, equal to the New Covenant is a wicked false gospel that we must escape from immediately. If the Old Covenant is still in force, one covenant different administrations as Calvin taught, we are still in our sins!

6. The Evil Doctrine of Dispensationalism

The doctrine of Dispensationalism is also a doctrine of eternal error. Like Covenant Theology, Dispensationalism views the Old Covenant as equal to or superior to the New Covenant. If the future physical Israel were to have the law established, that would mean Christ died in vain as he is the perfect sacrifice. We are still in our sins if God would authorize the Old Covenant to be reestablished! Flee for your blessings and spiritual lives from this wicked and accursed false gospel of Dispensationalism! 

Dispensationalism is a recent doctrine that posits that the Lord Jesus Christ will come back twice, once in a secret rapture, and once at the establishment of Israel and the law of Moses. Of course, this doctrine denies the centrality of the resurrection of Christ and of the importance of His spiritual kingdom. Christ will come again a Second time, to judge the earth and establish His righteous spiritual kingdom based upon grace and not on law. The great glory of the New Israel, ie, the church of believers, is with us now, and Christ rules His spiritual Israel on the throne of David, now. (Acts 2:16-36, Acts 15:13-18) 

The Zionist Israel that exists today is not a true Zion and has no authority granted by God. However it is a sign to the elect that the Times of the Gentiles is fulfilled and that Jews will be called through the Gospel. This does not mean we wink at the evils of Israel in these last hours! God no longer delivers nations, only individuals.

I believe in Partial Preterism, ie the doctrine that most all has been fulfilled except for the salvation of the rest of the elect (the elect Jews according to Romans 11) and the Second Coming of Christ (no secret rapture). 

I reject full Preterism, the wicked belief that the coming of Christ is in the past. I believe that the gospel of John and the book of Revelation were written sooner not later. Not a test of faith. But we are in the last hour of the last days. When I say most has been fulfilled, I mean for example, that the Spirit of Elijah was found in John the Baptist, not some future actual Elijah coming at the very end of the world.Therefore, the Rebellion spoke of in 2 Thessalonians 2 refers to the events in 66 AD in which Israel warred first against the Zealots, then the Romans, which resulted in the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and the public ending of the Old Covenant, though Christ ended it with a perfect sacrifice! 

Jesus Christ is already King of the New Israel, having  built a house that is superior to the house built by Moses. (2 Cor 3:6-17, Acts 2 and Heb 3)  David prophesied that a man would be sitting on his throne as his descendant in Acts 2:30, and in vs 31 Peter interprets the fulfillment of this prophesy as being the RESURRECTION of Christ, not a future Dispensationalist carnal kingship!  If Christ is not on the throne of David we are still in our sins! This doctrine of postponed kingship of Christ is false!

We clearly see in Hebrews chapters 8 and 10, that the spiritual Israel of believers has replaced the predominantly unbelieving Israel of the Old Testament, as the true Israel of God. The doctrine of Dispensationalism is a misuse of the law of Moses with different ideas but with the same result as Covenant Theology: false teaching and destruction of the truth of the gospel.
Dispensationalism spawns a Christian Zionism. This is a false doctrine because the New Zion comes in peace. The prophesy was that it would be ushered in by the prince of peace, not in the continual violence that we see associated with the physical Israel we see today and was evidenced in 1948 when 600 thousand DNA cousins of Jews, the Palestinians, were banished from Palestine. (Isaiah 9:6-7)

Luke 21:24 says that the existence of Israel is a sign of the very last hours, as the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. But, these words by Christ are not a defense of Dispensationalism. God still hates Zionism, and it is the enemy of Christ. The elect Jews and descendants of Jacob, no matter how remote they are, will hear the gospel after 1948, when Israel was formed. Then the end shall come! And it is not based upon religion, but based upon descent.

7. The Eternal Equality of Father, Son and Spirit

Father, Son, and Spirit are equal beings (meaning persons) in power and authority and are of one eternal and omnipotent will. These three are one God. Christ earned the name "Son" by inheritance, subordinating Himself only for the redemption of the elect. The Protestant and Catholic teaching of eternal generation and the denial of Christ's fullness as God in His own right, is blatant false doctrine which must and will be rejected by the elect. (Col 2:8-9)  The Puritans, a Protestant sect, taught that Christ received His eternal power and attributes from the Father in what has been termed an eternal generation. Christ was sent to earth as fully God and fully man.

But if we study Acts 13:33 and Hebrews 1:4-5 we can see that the Puritans misused the term "begotten" which refers to Christ's resurrection, but which has no reference to an eternal process of subordination of the Son of God.  John Calvin, a father of Protestantism, made the terrible statement that Christ as to His essence is eternal, but that His person had its beginning in God. This teaching is simply not acceptable. It is false religion to set the Savior up as a lesser God and then worship Him as a lesser God. He is not a lesser God. He is fully God as is the Father and as is the Spirit. Covenant Theology supports the false teaching of eternal generation because the system requires that there be a covenant between a superior Father and subordinate Son.

The false Nicene Creed 325 says that Christ is begotten as being the essence of the father. This is wrong. Christ is begotten on the resurrection. He is not eternally begotten, as equality with God is Christ's place.

The Spirit flowed from the rock, which is symbolic of Christ, and He flows from the Father as well. (Exodus 17:6, 1 Cor. 10:4, John 15:26) This does not diminish the equality of the Holy Spirit in any way. (John 15:26)

8 a. Justification, The Imputed Righteousness From Faith

The subject of Hebrews 11 is saving faith (Heb. 11:2, 6,8).  Those saints mentioned in Hebrews 11 witnessed the blessings of the resurrection of Christ and some were seen in Jerusalem after the Lord had risen. The elect are granted sonship in Christ and are permanently placed into Christ at first Justification. They are sealed with the Spirit eternally. Their sins as a legal barrier are wiped away. (Col 2:14) 

However, there is a continuing justification that is a blessing to the end. An example is Abraham had saving faith "when he was called to go out to a place which he was to receive . . . " Then, the call of Abraham to leave Haran is recorded in Genesis 12:1-4—three chapters before he is justified in 15:6. We therefore know that Abraham was justified well before (in fact, years before) he was justified in Gen. 15:6. But if Abraham had saving faith back in Genesis 12, then he was justified back in Genesis 12. Yet the Apostle James clearly tells us that he was also justified in Genesis 15:6, for the book of James tells us, "Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he offered his son Isaac upon the altar? You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by works, and the scripture was fulfilled which says, "Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness"; and he was called the friend of God." (Jas 2:21-23)

However, unlike the unsaved Catholics, some of whom think they agree with my view, I am assured by scripture that this continuing justification is based upon the initial justification which is a legal and permanent pardon for all sins, and those so pardoned will overcome by the God given faith in the hearts of the elect. Their sins are forgiven, once justified in Christ and the Spirit by which they are sealed eternally will save them. The faith that justifies is God given, not originating in the heart of man! 

Their legal status is guaranteed, and there is no condemnation of them (Rom 8:1). By faith righteousness has been imputed to their accounts. But the just shall live by faith. So righteousness will continue to be imputed to their accounts. Faith is counted as righteousness.

If you believe in free will like the Catholics, Methodists and so many others do, you will have no way of knowing your spiritual success unless you will it through your own will. Free will is then totally opposed to the truth, and continuing justification only makes sense in the context of predestination and the permanent legal status in Christ from first repentance! Also continuing justification is a means toward sanctification but they are not the same because legal justification through faith is perfect (not sinless perfection) while sanctification (putting aside sin) is not. 

Imputed means counted or reckoned to ones account. Faith is counted as righteousness before God.

8 b. The Fatal Errors of Imparted and Infused Righteousness

I reject the concepts of imparted righteousness of the Methodists and infused righteousness of the Catholics. Righteousness is imputed, meaning the account of Christians are credited with the righteousness of Christ through faith which is God given. Again, righteousness is not imparted nor infused! Blessings from the Spirit who lives in the elect are dispensed, but the righteousness backing them only belongs to God. They are blessings from the righteous Triune God and we cannot claim that righteousness as our own, only the blessings!

Righteousness belongs to God alone. He alone is righteous. The idea that righteousness is imparted to others is simply evil doctrine. Even in eternity, the righteousness that would reside in man or the angels is righteousness that belongs to God. That will never change. Ever. Don't be fooled by these lost Methodists, from John Wesley to the Assemblies of God and other hopeless denominations who oppose the righteousness of God. Righteousness is imputed, in the legal sense of being reckoned to the accounts of the elect when faith is placed in them, but it is never imparted or infused, as it belongs only to God. As God dwells in the elect through the Spirit, they are His righteousness, by imputation. 

Perfection spoken of by James and Jesus Himself is perfection of faith, keeping the faith to the end of life. That is the new Law of Christ, and includes adding love and good works all done out of faith. But the perfection of the Methodists and their free will descendants and denominations is towards a sinless perfection. They freely admit it even if they don't believe it is perfectly attainable. That is false doctrine and against Christ. John Wesley was an arrogant pretender. The setting apart of the elect in sanctification is hardly perfect much of the time. Paul said he was not perfect in sanctification.

The Nazarene church believes in multiple sanctification, different levels for different Christian's. 1 Thess 5:23 destroys this wickedness. All Christian's are sanctified by the Spirit. This is not sinless perfection.

If I share with you a book, it is still my book. If God shares with us His Spirit, it is still His Spirit. It is an eternal gift, but it remains a gift! Only God is righteous. 2 Peter 1:4 says the elect participate in the divine nature. The Holy Spirit in dwells the elect from first faith and repentance through all eternity. Yet that participation assumes that ownership of the Divine Nature shared with us in sanctification, adding love and knowledge and deeds to our faith, is still owned by God. We never own righteousness in any way. 

9. Faith Preceded Law. Faith Saves, Law Kills

Faith preceded the law of Moses. Abraham was given faith prior to his circumcision. The Old Covenant saints were saved by faith. They were saved by the power of the gospel. The bulk of the Jews were not saved, and the Old Covenant was in no way a covenant of grace. It was a covenant of works based upon the code of law given with many outward commands that were to be obeyed. As Paul said, the letter of the Old Covenant law kills, ie condemns those who attempt to establish righteousness by it. The Old Law given to Moses required sinless perfection. The inward law of Christ, on the other hand, is a law of faith, and through that law, righteousness is imputed to the believer. The outward command kills and condemns the man who seeks righteousness through that command. (Heb 4:2, Heb Ch 11, Nu 21:9, Isa 7:14 and 9:6, Dan 9:23-27, Hos 6:2, Psalms Chapters 2, 16 and 22, Mt 16:21)

The Old Covenant saints looked past the law of Moses to a future redeemer. They understood that the physical nation of Israel was not the righteous nation that was promised. They lived by faith, and not by law. They sought to obey the law of Moses the best they could because they were in that society, but they understood it could not save. They looked to Christ for salvation. They were, as Paul said, under tutors and teachers, ie the law which is both abrogated and fulfilled by Christ.

10. Eternal Punishment

Hell is real. It exists because the soul of man cannot terminate. He has to have a place to go at death, and Hell is the alternative for most on the earth. Certainly Christians can take no joy in this. But Hell is a reality spoken of in many places by the Lord Jesus Christ, and cannot be discounted by the unbelievers. ( Mt. 17:1-9, Luke 23:43, 2 Cor. 5:8, rev. 6:9-11, Rev 20:10)  

11. Jesus Was Not Made a Sinner

Jesus was not made into a sinner on the cross. Sin was not infused into Him. If we read the account of Christ's suffering on the cross he was still doing good, promising the thief on the cross, etc. The centurion was convinced by His suffering that He was the Son of God. So then, Christ was not made a sinner, with the corruption of a sinner. He bore the punishment of a sinner in the place of the elect. He was made sin in the place of all mankind sufficiently and in the place of the elect effectually. 
I still maintain that he had a sense of being forsaken, not that this was some sort of charade to fulfill scripture as some have said. (His deeds of course did fulfill scripture.)  But this being forsaken was because He experienced the penalty of sin, a sense of separation from the face of God, though we know on a different level, His essence never ceased to be God. That is the mystery. 

For someone to say that He was a sinner (ie infused with sin) with regard to His humanity but not His deity (as some say to get around His holiness as God) is as absurd as well, because He was one person, and He was not made into a sinner. Being forsaken by God is the penalty of sin. I believe that sense of being forsaken was real but it did not make Christ commit sin.

12. The Rejection of Hardshell Baptist Teaching

I reject hardshell religion. I realize that some say that faith does not establish righteousness. They believe that regeneration is not tied to faith, and in this sense they are "hardshell". They believe that faith is a result of eternal righteousness with no need for that to work out in time. 

While I agree that faith is a result, in time, of an eternal decree and an eternal righteousness, (the elect are justified  from all eternity) I don't believe that being justified in time is an optional or secondary act.  I believe that regeneration (rebirth) results in immediate faith, and that faith is reckoned to the account of the elect as being righteousness. I view the separation of regeneration and faith in time to be a dangerous doctrine.

Those who seek to play down the importance of the decree actually taking place in this life are limiting the importance of faith which is God's gift, not man's work. Christ, in the mind of deity, was sacrificed from all eternity, however if it did not happen in this life it would not have been a true decree. Likewise if a man is never justified by faith in this life then he was never decreed to be saved. He was not then a part of Christ's atonement in the first place.

13. Rejecting Primitive Baptist Genealogy of Churches

Since all that is required to establish a church is a few believers, or as Christ said, two or three believers for Him to be present among them, I reject the primitive baptist teaching that requires a genealogy of churches. While I don't say that one church cannot send someone out to start another church, I do reject the notion that this sending out is a requirement for establishing a biblical church. That view is just legalistic nonsense that is not acceptable by the elect. 

14. The Gospel Is Not For Sale

The gospel is not for sale. You will never be charged for any information here regarding my views about the gospel of Jesus Christ. (2 Cor 2:17 speaks of not peddling the gospel. The KJV is wrong). Tony Warren and Billy Graham and Rick Warren and John MacArthur and John Piper, (the list goes on and on), are seeking to make money off of the gospel, big money. They are not approved by God. They are imposters.

15. Militant Zionism Is Based on False Religion

Militant Zionism is based on false religion. Militant Zionism has stolen the terms Zionist and Zionism from the holy Bible. But the real New Zion comes in peace.  Militant Zionism is shown in the writings of Oded Yinon. It seeks regime change in the middle east, and ultimately a Jewish state that is patterned after the size and scope of the Davidic kingdom, from the border river of Egypt to the Euphrates. But David fulfilled this promise of Genesis 15. (2 Samuel 8:3) The secular state of Israel is unauthorized to apply this religion. It has begun with regime change. (The Dispensationalists fall for this evil doctrine, too.) But there is a better way for the Jews with the One who reigns on the Davidic Throne, now.  (Acts 2:34-36)

16. The Consistency of Christ and the Apostles

There is no division in doctrine from Jesus, who lived to fulfill the law of Moses and abolish it through His resurrection ( Eph 2:15); to Paul, who lived to bring in the new Law of Christ in his teachings; to James, who taught that the new Law of Liberty was based on faith proven by works; to Peter who lived like a Gentile showing Christian liberty. All is of faith from Christ to Paul to James to Peter and that is a gift of God.

17. Rejecting Gnosticism

The Old Testament was the foundation of the New. I reject gnosticism in all its forms. But the Old Covenant was both fulfilled and abrogated by the New Covenant. The perfect priest sacrificed Himself, the perfect sacrifice, and this Christ, brought in the perfect New Law. (Heb chapter 7) Going beyond the revelation of Christ and the Apostles is gnosticism and must be rejected.

Christ came in bodily form. Gnostics reject this truth. Gnostics and Catholics reject 1 Tim 4:1-3 where Paul warns against those who proved they were not elect taught evil. The said you must abstain from certain foods, and marriage. But we know what God has created is good, sanctioned. Not holy but good for the elect. Elemental religion is seared as the physical is good and teaches of Christ. 

The bodies of believers hold the Holy Spirit who dwells in those bodies. Gnosticism rejects this truth!

18. Faith Must Comprehend the Death and Resurrection 

While it is essential for the elect to believe in the death and resurrection of Christ, denying the power of that resurrection and the true person of that resurrection can show that the professed believers are not changed by Christ's power:

If they believe that Christ died and rose from the dead, they would live for Christ and not for the Old Law of Moses or for lawlessness. These scriptures prove that the elect must avoid falling into continual belief in false doctrine that undermines the faith: Titus 1:16 and Matthew 7:21-23. Many, in fact most, who profess to believe in the death and resurrection of Christ are simply not saved because the work of that death and resurrection has not been accomplished by the power of the gospel.

True Christians cannot believe that the law convicted them savingly of sin, when in Acts Chapter 2, the listeners to Peter were cut to the heart by the GOSPEL. If you deny the power of the gospel, you deny the power of Christ. You can say you believe in the death and resurrection of Christ, but unless you were cut to the heart by the gospel, with Paul as another example, you aren't saved.

Also, if people believe Christ is raised from the dead, they cannot deny that He is reigning on the Davidic throne as described in Acts chapter 2. They cannot deny that He was the prophet as described by Peter in Acts chapter 3. They cannot deny that He has a superior High Priesthood, greater than that of the Levitical priesthood as we see in Hebrews chapter 7.

They cannot deny he is fully God, which the Nicene Creed does deny. Christ was begotten at the resurrection, not from all eternity. He is fully God and the Nicene Creed commits a fatal error by denying this truth.

19. Animals are Saved

Animals are in heaven. Christ rides a horse in His Second Coming. God does not forget the free Sparrow who has fallen. Since God forgets nothing, it means salvation of the animals when revealed that God does not forget the sparrow. To say that God forgets nothing but then the sparrow not be saved would be a useless tautology that Christ would never say.

In Revelation the animals above and under the sea praise God. See Revelation 5: 13 which says exactly that! The descendants of the animals in the original creation are redeemed, in the Garden of Eden and in the Oceans and Seas. The Protestants and Catholics are notorious for not understanding this view of animals.  The animals were separated from God but were without sin. They are still without sin. 

It was unjust for them to be so separated. God is just and will make that right. God is merciful to mankind, the elect, but is just regarding the animals, making right that which man destroyed. Eden is restored. This restoration includes dogs and cats which are descended from original occupants of the garden of Eden. 

20. Irresistible Grace

The fruit of regeneration in my experience was the calling on the Savior to keep from falling into a bottomless pit spiritually. This falling was instituted by the Holy Spirit and required a call out to the Savior. One has no choice but to call upon the Lord as the true spiritual calling is irresistible.

That calling out brought me into Christ's kingdom as I was relieved of the feeling of falling into the abyss that was brought on by the Holy Spirit. Cutting of the heart is the way of the gospel and its power. See Peter's sermon and the response in Acts 2.

Later, my second belief thought brought a massive joy of the Spirit, and that is likely similar to the baptism on the day of Pentecost, although no spiritual powers of healing or tongues, or anything like that were manifest. But a major outpouring of God's Spirit came upon me so that it was as if I was drunk. Some have said Pentecost was a one time experience for the church. I am not arguing against that but believe that believers must experience a Pentecost-like filling of joy after regeneration.

The charismatics are frauds, always possessing bad doctrine, so they just stumbled onto their perverse version of a secondary blessing beyond regeneration in their teachings. They produce lying wonders. God can perform miracles, real ones, if he chooses.

The third major joy, and I am saying this is for every believer, was being baptized by immersion, which brought great joy, and who performs the baptism does not matter! As long as it happens after first faith/repentance that is all that matters. This is my experience, and I can't speak for others although I believe this way was God's way for me. If someone is ill or feeble there are other ways of baptism for them. 

21. Leave the churches If These Doctrines Are Resisted

If the elect are not permitted to teach these doctrines in the local church, they must separate from the local church and deem the members to be lost. It is absolutely crucial to stand with Christ outside the gate, if the choice comes down to submitting to restrictions by the lost or walking in the truth of doctrinal freedom. This separation will likely be a permanent one if efforts to teach the truth are met with continued resistance. Follow Christ outside the gate!   

22. Christian Tolerance

Christians must be tolerant of all religions, races and ethnic groups. Tolerance is the opposite of bigotry. We hold to our beliefs and publicly state them. We stand our ground. But we respect the right of others to hold their beliefs to the end of time. If they reject our beliefs, we remain tolerant. We do not engage in bigotry. For example, we reject those who hate peaceful members of other religions. It is wrong. We reject Zionism as a doctrine, but we are tolerant of all Jewish people, many of whom oppose the political doctrine of Zionism. 

23. Perfection in the New Covenant

Paul speaks of the elect going onto perfection. (Heb. 6:1). This perfection is not sinless perfection as taught by some non elect, but rather is perfection in the faith. After all, faith is the foundation of the New Covenant and is God-given. It continues to the end of life here on earth for the elect, which is the fulfilling of the New Law of Christ. True faith is only received by divine revelation.  

24. The Great City. Gog and Magog. The 1000 Years.

These references in Revelation are not a test of faith in my view. However, they can be helpful analysis.The thousand years is not future, though! The Lord will return to take the saints up with Him. Then He will destroy the earth. No time for a future 1000 years.

Revelation chapters 18 and 19 describe the destruction of Jerusalem, the Babylonian Great City that God hated. The prophets and first Christians were martyred in Jerusalem. It is referred to as the Great City multiple times in Scripture. 

Revelation 20 may describe the thousand years between the destruction of Rome and the establishment of the neo Rome, the British Empire, which God also hates or it may be a spiritual length of time when the saints reign both on earth and in death. 1 Pet 2:9 speaks to believers being a kingly priesthood. Either way, I am convinced that the deception of this neo Roman Empire, with its seat of world finance, the UK Square Mile, is ongoing, with colonization and an empire upon which the sun never sets. 

There are Roman ruins in the neo Roman Square Mile, once a Roman settlement called Londinium. There are two statues "guarding" the empire dressed in Roman garb. They are named Gog and Magog. This empire deceives mankind, and fuses with the USA and Israel (and with Roman Catholicism, the little horn, and Protestantism, which is just Augustinianism) to form an empire that God will crush upon the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

The Great Tribulation of Mt 24 is in the context of having to flee Judea. 70 AD. The rebellion or first Jewish war was from 66 AD to 73 AD which was fought in Judea. 2 Thes 2:3 speaks to the man of perdition being revealed at that time. But the Great Tribulation of Revelation 7:14 related to later Gentile suffering and perhaps the Romans 11 latter Jews and all their sufferings.

1000 Years:

A. Most likely, the 1000 years are to be considered symbolic from the time of the triumph of Christ over Satan at the Resurrection, when we know Christ took the Davidic throne, and of Satan, who is then loosed with the empire of Gog and Magog, the British/American/European Empire already in existence. But Gog and Magog, who guard the center of world finance, Londinium, are symbolic of the world financial system and Satan being loosed resulted in the massive world wars that we experienced in the 20th century. The kingly priesthood of believers, spoken of by Peter, began after the resurrection of Christ!

The nations were gathered together for battle in WW1 and WW2! So I reject the idea that the 1000 years is a future event. The Second Coming of Christ is the event we eagerly await.

Here are alternative interpretations. Again, not a test of faith, because the meaning of the 1000 years has stumped many for centuries. 

B. The thousand years of the book of Revelation possibly dates from the destruction of the last emperor of Rome in 476 A.D. to the establishment of the printing press in the new Londinium in 1476 A.D., which allowed unbiblical liturgical prayer books of the religion of London to be produced. Those then controlled religion among the masses. 1476 A.D. ended the middle ages in the fledgling neo-Roman Empire (England) represented by Gog and Magog  and it's powerful press made English literature powerful.  

C. Or, it could be that the 1000 years prior to the time of great deception may relate to the time between the destruction of the western Roman Empire with the sack of Rome taking place in 410 (where many buildings, but not the monuments, were burned), and the establishment of the Gog and Magog protectors in King Henry's reign, circa 1413.

25. Fascism is not Christian

Donald Trump is the first US president to publicly state that men are unequal based upon wealth. This also is a central core teaching of fascism. But all men and women are equal before God in that all are sinners, all have come short. There is an election by grace, but it is not based upon our genes, or performance, our abilities, our wealth, or any such thing within us. All of us deserve eternal separation from the Lord Jesus Christ. That the triune God has chosen any through the death and resurrection of the savior is purely based upon mercy. Fascism is a wicked doctrine. It is the most dangerous political doctrine and the elect cannot be fooled by it and must repudiate it. 

The wealthy look to fascism for totalitarianism, and the poor look to communism for totalitarianism. Therefore, Fascism is right wing and communism is left wing. We pray our leaders do not lead us toward totalitarianism and war.

This statement of doctrine is my belief and interpretation of scripture. If I have erred in any way, I believe God will forgive me as an elect soul in Christ. I attempt to update this doctrinal piece whenever I learn something new. I urge all students of scripture who love Christ, to seek out the truth for themselves.


*The Gentiles and the Jews in Christ. The Last Hours

There is only one way of salvation for Jew and Gentile. However, the Gentile time has been fulfilled as we see in section 6 above. It is not Dispensationalism. There is only one spiritual body of Christ. We are in the last hours. The elect Jews must come into the body. It is not revealed by scripture if Gentiles are saved after their time is fulfilled, in 1948. It is not revealed that Jews were saved after the falling away of the early church of the Apostles. The "church fathers" that followed were pretenders, as their doctrine proved it. 

I have Jewish Cousins, and am of Iberian descent. DNA also shows that Palestinians are likely descendants of Jacob!

If you are in doubt about your Jewish ties, do not worry. If you have Christ, it is most likely that you have Jewish DNA, either ancient or modern or both, and if you cannot afford a DNA test it is not essential to faith! If there are Gentiles with no Jewish DNA saved within the times of the natural branches, it is not revealed in scripture. But faith puts all who have it in the body of Christ with no need for genealogical trees!

See also this Confession, the 1644 First London Baptist Confession. It is the only authentic confession that I could find from the Times of the Gentiles:

See this brief analysis of doctrine but don't sell it!

While I reject Calvinistic legalism and its Covenant Theology, the formula of TULIP is an easy way to remember what is taught in scripture:

T Total Depravity of Man
U Unconditional Election 
L Limited Atonement
I Irresistible Grace
P Preservation of the Elect

This should not be called the five points of Calvinism because he embraced the wicked doctrine of Covenant Theology which fostered wicked sacralism. Calvin burned Servetus at the stake over doctrine when both were wrong. Christ said His Kingdom was not of this world. And His government was the Apostles, not a king or president of this world! 



  1. You insist that we are commanded to 'believe in Christ' but reject 'free will' ; you urge that being born again is the consequence of faith but that this in itself is a rejection of said 'free will' this doesn't make any sense unless God commands us to do what we can't which severs the notion that the apostle became all things to all men lest (or so that) he might win some for Christ. Isn't it more reasonable to understand the being born again as the consequence of believing the message and practicing the doctrine so that the resultant peace and joy in the spirit of holiness is itself the proof of its truth.
    Is it possible that the excesses of one group might be leading you into similar excess, just as Augustine became absurd when refuting his understanding of Pelagius, a thing easily observed from the necessary contrary statements found in his work, necessary because holiness is work and all the (loving) parent can do his anxiously watch over their children in the hope that they have learned the lessons their care has taught - the glory of the New is God has promised in Christ to be a Father to all and no longer in his momentary wrath to declare 'it grieves me that I hath made Man upon the earth'. Peace.

    1. God commands us to do what we cannot do. Then, if we are elect God descends onto the heart, compelling us to believe by cutting our hearts, by showing us our lost condition and convicting us of unbelief, the sin upon which all others stand or are forgiven!

    2. So, to clarify. God commands us to believe. We cannot believe. For the elect, God's command is applied to the heart by the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, who puts into us a faith in Christ who suffered and died for us and was risen again! Praise God for this sovereign work, since no one can believe, which is the New Covenant command!

  2. The question then becomes what did Christ recover for humanity? Would we agree that Adam in Eden was free to choose to obey or not the instruction of his God; at least let us agree that if he wasn't then there couldn't reasonably have been a trial of his faith. Christ having finished the work his father gave him has accomplished propitiation "not for ours sins only, but for the whole world'. If we allow Israel's history to instruct us we understand that such propitiation provides the means whereby any could put themselves right from the covenant perspective unless they had sinned with a high hand, and here we have the example of God's mercy triumphing over judgement particualrly displayed in David who as an alduterer and murderer certainly had no means of reconciliation under the Law. The continual error of Israel wasn't disbelief but misbelief, the 'changing the glory of the uncorruptible God' and certainly in every generation God will have his '7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal' but that doesn't deny that the rest of Israel and in Christ the World might not understand with the heart and turn and be converted that Christ might heal them, this possibilty is the reason the congregations are commanded to be a light on a hill, just as previously the nations would understand that Israel had the living God present through her obedience to the Law and this witness would draw the wise, just as the Christ lifted up will draw all the wise. Biblical faith is the paradox of the claim made in Joshua that none of the Lord's promises failed alongside the stark fact that they hadn't actually conquered the land, similarly the seer in Revelation claims the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of Christ when it remains 'the present evil age', but paradox and not contradiction is the stance of faith just as repent and believe must hold that people can do so alongside the reality that Christ prays not for the world but that God will keep his people from the world hence John's insistence 'but especially of those who believe'. Peace

    1. Adam was free to choose, but if only God is good, Adam could not choose the good. Adam had to create sin because he is not God, the only one who is good!

  3. Wow, Gary, Thanks so much for sharing this. We have much much in common. So very interesting. My point with you on fbook is that there are so so many great things to study, learn and apply in God's word that even with the Holy Spirit and many years, though many of the essentials of our faith might be similar or the same, there will also be items to which we disagree. I agree with many many of your points even the ones that many would reject. I too am a safartic and ashkenazi with tested DNA that matches the history told by my family. I agree 100% with the idea that there are huge quantities of DNA Jews who don't even know it all over the areas you described. Right now based on DNA evidence 20% of Spain are descended from Jacob. And 10% more from Abraham as Arabs etc... This means that though they would not care to admit it, we have probably more than a million of what you and I call "physical Jews" who believe in Messiah. The same must be true in Latin America with different %s. As well in Italy, Greece (where my family has some roots) as well all the countries which you mentioned. It turns out that in Lebanon there are families with Hebrew root names like Semaan (Shimon/Simon) in my son in Laws family. His grandfather escaped from Palestine at the 1948 war as a Christian and no doubt with some Jewish roots. My point, and I think yours, is that we don't need to follow man's ways on determining who is a Jew by the mothers history (as described by the rabbi's). No doubt Abraham (and God) looks down and recognize these and his offspring, especially and spiritually if they have faith in Messiah. Adding up all these "Jews' around the world who believe and follow Messiah, no doubt the number dwarfs the 16 million who recognize they are Jews but don't recognize Messiah yet. Yes we are a remnant but much bigger than understood by Jews and for that matter, the rest of the church. Yes I believe there is a great awakening on the horizon of Jews at the end in those who don't recognize Messiah. I lived in Israel in 1985. At that time there were a few thousand Messianic or Jewish believers in Christ. Now there are tens of thousands maybe 30K. Nevertheless, I personally believe the number of Jacobs descendant who believe in Yeshua are greater than the visible Jewish Remnant making us not the minority (just a visible minority) as God's knowledge (and Abe's) of who is His is what counts, not mans.
    In any case, I agree with you on the majority of your statement of faith. I didn't count, but would say that probably 20 out of 25, I believe. I find that with each of the hundreds of believers this is a similar number. It's higher with Messianic believers usually than others. I do not however subscribe to the idea that "to be saved" I have to arrive at believing all 25 that Gary purports, or that the items of faith that is stated by the church I attend - I agree with most. Anyways, thanks for sending me this important doc that states what you believe. I believe we will both be surprised upon arrival into Heaven that we both had saw (and thus, believed) dimly and knew in part. There will be people missing who we had thought made it by their theology, faith or seemingly dedicated life. There will be people who we had thought would not be there because of what we thought, had doctrines that had crossed the line (we had set). There will be our dogs and other creatures, etc... Does this mean doctrine is not vital? Absolutely not! Nevertheless, doctrines understood by our minds are quite measurable, visible and often on the surface. As you mentioned, salvation is much bigger and starts by circumcision of the heart. Got to go. I look forward to future discussions.

    1. Thank you for your comment. My only answer is that Christians cannot be bound in false churches. Those who have faith must escape the false Protestant/Catholic churches. They must be free to express these doctrines anywhere! If there are points that you do not agree with, post them here and we could debate, or on Facebook. Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I am always trying to make my words clearer and simpler for everyone.


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