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New Covenant Scripture Studies and Confession of Faith

A brief bio and my personal confession of faith. Helpful scriptures follow

I would like to say that I believe strongly in the separation of church and state and toleration of political speech and freedom. I have strong beliefs as to salvation and reprobation, but free speech is crucial to the free flow of ideas that we enjoy as citizens of the United States. Here is my bio and confession of faith:

 My background is that I am a retired caseworker from Fresno County. I grew up in a small town, Coalinga, Ca. I was adopted at age 3 months, having been born in Oakland, Ca. My natural father was Sephardic Jewish by tradition, and was in a labor leader for a large nursing union in NYC. 

[I am a descendant of Israel according to Romans 9,10 and 11, and also called to be a Christian. Paul spoke of descent for physical Israel in racial or DNA terms in Romans 9, rather than in terms of conversion to Judaism. Paul did not know about DNA but God did! I believe that Israel is not a holy nation, nor will it be, and I believe it is the fig tree referred to in Matthew 24. But Paul in Romans speaks of the elect of Hebrew blood being called in the last of the last days by grace. Israel is a Zionist state in opposition to the will of God but functions as a sign of elect Jewish salvation as the times of the Gentiles is fulfilled (Luke 21:24). I believe I am one of the first to be called as a descendant of the Old Israel race to be a New Covenant Christian, being born in 1949]

I graduated from Coalinga High School in 1967. I attended UCSB beginning in 1967, I have had deep regrets, lost loves, certainly the greatest being my abandonment, emotionally of a Miss Christine Devereaux. I was a sinner.  More importantly, I am concerned for all who I have known over the years, both male and female friends and acquaintances regarding their spiritual status before God. I suppose that makes me a man of sorrows, and I identify with Christ as being one of those men.  
I was ill prepared for higher education, even though my oldest son has an MBA. I have been subjected to all manner of problems in life. (Go Figure!) I have been subjected to riots at UCSB in the late 60's. I have raised 4 children who I love with all my heart. I have been in a brick building that was nearly destroyed in an earthquake in my home town in 1983, having moved back to the town ONE MONTH before the quake!! I was in the Ambassador Hotel when Robert Kennedy was assassinated having supported his campaign in college. I had some negative experience with drugs in college as did many of the period.

Regarding my confession of faith, I was in a non married relationship with a divorced woman in Ojai, California back in the early 70's, which resulted in my salvation. To explain, I was saved while being in the relationship, and then departed it. I was not saved by first leaving the relationship, so in Charles Spurgeon's eyes I cannot be saved. I beg to differ. See Charles Spurgeon Prince of Law Preachers.  I spent some time studying with Jon Zens from 1978 through 1982. I received some basic information but no joy of the Spirit that I have regained since separating from him. My concern these days is to rightly present law and gospel and their important, crucial differences to the elect so that they can be free in Christ apart from the legalists who are everywhere.

I have been happily married for 31 years, and live in Nevada, having moved here to facilitate my wife's recovery from San Joaquin Valley Fever, a disease caused by spores in the soil of the central valley of California. I retired from Fresno County in 1999.

My view of Zionism and separation of church and state is as follows:

My natural father was Sephardic Jewish and I am a descendant of the Jews by DNA proof even with Ashkenazi 5th and 6th cousins, but am a Christian. I am adopted into a non religious family from age 3 months. Growing up I turned to Christ. I oppose fusion of church and state as being unbiblical and evil. Christian Zionism is no way to support Jews. Militant Zionism has not served the purposes of the Jews in Israel well. There is the Palestinian oppression and there needs to be a two state solution, at least. Unfortunately, neocons support this Zionism while laughing at the religious basis for it. Neocons want war with Iran and Russia and they are dangerous. I support peace and a two state solution which I think is a no brainer. 
Zionism of any kind is not God's religion. The old covenant is rolled away, and so is sacralism, ie, fusion of church and state. It is not God's religion to fuse church and state like Palin and others do. You can call it sacralism, dominionism, Kabbalah, Zionism, or whatever. It is dangerous, wrong and against God. Israel functions as a sign only, that the times of the salvation of the elect Gentiles is fulfilled according to Roman's chapter 11 and Luke 21:24.

I have never heard God speak to me by audible voice and I am not into charismatic gifts although God can do miracles in any age. But, I have been cut to the heart by the power of the gospel. I was standing alone in a house, and the Spirit came over me and cut me to the point of my having to look toward the Savior for help. A few days later I experienced the joy of believing. That first experience of intense conviction and cutting of my heart was my entrance into the kingdom of God, and is consistent with what is taught in Acts 2:36-38. The guilt of law did not do this to me. It is with this background and with the joy of that same Spirit that I established this website.

If you have questions about this study please feel free to email me at bgamall4 at yahoo dot com
Scripture Study
A. Those Chosen in Christ are sovereignly convicted of unbelief by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Spirit's work. Sovereign grace bible scriptures are given here that show:

1. Mankind's total inability to believe in Jesus Christ (apart from 2,3,4 and 5 that follow)

2. God's unconditional choosing of an elect people based on His will and not on man's choice. 

3. The truth that Christ died for His elect, that He gave His life and rose again from the dead for His predetermined people. 

4. That those Christ died for are irresistably drawn to the Savior by the Spirit and will irresistably believe. 

5. That those who are given this faith will continue to believe for the rest of their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit, that they may walk in the flesh for a time, but will keep the faith and believe to the end. This gospel is revealed and is not of man, but is the power of God to the elect. 

6. A plethora of New Covenant Scriptures that obliterate the doctrines of Covenant Theology, Dispensationalism (and that doctrine's secret rapture theory).
B. Scriptures showing man's total depravity and inability to come to Christ: Mt. 7:18, Rom. 8:5-8, Jer. 9:5, Mic. 7:2-4, Deut. 29:2-4, 1 Cor. 2:14, 2 Cor. 3:13-15, Eph. 4:17-19, John 12:38-40, Rom. 3:9-11,  (See "I" below regarding Adam as representative of all.) Rom. 11:5-10,  2Cor. 4:3-4.

C. Scriptures showing the need to be born from above: John 1:12-13, John 3:3-8, Gal. 4:29, Titus 3:4-7, 1 Pet. 1:23, James 1:18, 2 Cor. 5:17, Gal. 6:15. This new birth is as sovereign an act of God as is a physical birth.

D. Scriptures showing that the hearing of faith is a gift of God: Acts 28:26-28, Rom. 10:17, 11:8, Gal. 3:2 and 5, Mt. 13:13-15, Luke 8:8-10, John 18:37.

E. Scriptures showing that God gives a new heart to the elect: Jer. 31:33, Ezek. 36:26-27, Acts 16:14, Rom. 2:29.

F. Scriptures demonstrating God's sovereign choosing and election and reprobation: John 15:16 and 19, Acts 13:48, 9:11-16, 1 Cor. 4:7, 12:28, Gal 1:15-17, Col. 1:25-27, Gen. 18:17-19, Psalm 135.4, Mt. 11:25-27, 22:14, 24:22 and 31, Luke 4:25-30, John 6:37-39 and 44, 8:42-44, 10::25-26. (The cause of not believing was the fact that the Parisees were not elected.)  Acts 2:23 (An example where foreknowledge is part of predestination and does not nullify it.) 2 Tim:2:25.

G. Scriptures demonstrating Christ's complete atonement as planned by God for His elect, otherwise known as Limited Atonement. Acts:2:23, Isaiah 53:11-12, John 10:11-15, 17-18, Mt. 10:28, 26:28, 1 Pet. 2:24-25, 1:18-19, Heb. 2:14-17, 1 John 4:10, Rev. 5:9, titus 2:14.

H. Scriptures showing that God will keep the elect so that none will be lost: Mt. 18:12-14, John 10:28-29, 6:37-40, 1 Thess. 5:23-24, 18:12-14, Jer. 32:40, 1 Pet. 1:3-5, Psalm 37:23-24, Phil. 1:4-6, Rom. 8:28-39, 1 Cor. 1:8, Heb. 2:12.

I. Scriptures repudiating the Covenant Theology doctrine of one covenant of grace, different administrations as taught by John Calvin and the Westminster Confession. Also scriptures repudiating the postponement of the New Israel, the foundation of Dispensational teaching. Scriptures here instead exalt the New Law, the New Moses, the New David, who rules His New Israel in the gospel millenium that is taking place in the New Covenant age: Mt. 17:1-9, Mt. 24:15-29 which parallels Luke 21:20-24. Dispensationalists falsely separate these scriptures in order to make the Mathew passage a future Jacobs Trouble, a future tribulation, though these are clearly already fulfilled. Our Lord stood on the Mount of Olives and brought division as we see in Luke 12:51 and Luke 21:37. He divided the Mount of Olives with His Gospel!!! There is no need for Him to stand on the Mount of Olives in the future. In fact His Second Coming will destroy earth from the air, not by standing on the  Mount of Olives. The entire world will melt with a fervent heat. 2 Pet. 3:10-12
Dispensationalists make the same error as did the Pharisees and Scribes who persecuted Christ, by looking for a future literal physical kingdom. It is finished. No earthly activity remains for Christ, our King. All prophecy concerning His earthly ministry have been fulfilled. None are postponed. As we see in Acts 2:16-36, David prophecied that one of his descendants would sit on his throne (vs 30). In vs 31 we see that this prophecy was fulfilled by the RESURRECTION of Christ! The dispensational lie is that Christ is not yet on the Davidic throne!
Acts 10:10-15, Acts 13:33-39, Acts 15:16-18, Acts 17:29-31, Rom. 2:28-39, Rom. 3:20-22, Rom. 4:11, 13-14, 16, Rom. 7:4, Rom. 8:2, Rom. 9:27-33, Rom. 11:7, Rom. 13:9-10, Rom. 14:2, Rom. 14:14-23, 1 Cor. 3:16, 1 Cor. 7:18-19, 1 Cor. 8:4-13, 1 Cor. 10:19-22, 1 Cor. 10:25-32, 2 Cor. 3:1-18, Gal. 2:11-21, Gal. 3:6-29, Old Covenant Law was the school master for the OT saints, Gal. 4:1-31, The Old Covenant was elemental bondage. Gal. 5:1-14, Gal. 6:12-16, Eph. 3:16-22, Eph. 6:11-17, Phil. 3:3-8, Col. 2:8-23, 1 Tim. 1:7-19, Heb. 3:1-19, Heb. 4:1-16, Heb. 7:18-28, Heb. ch. 8, Heb. ch. 9, Heb. ch. 10, James 1:21-25, 1 Pet. 2:6-10, 2 John 9, Rev. 1:7.
J. Scriptures showing the Day of the Lord as being only one Second Coming of Christ, contrary to Dispensationalist doctrine that holds to an unbiblical secret rapture: Mt. 25:13, Luke 17:24-37, Luke 21:24-27, John 5:28, John 6:39, John 11:24, John 12:48, Acts 2:20, Rom. 2:5, Rom. 2:16, 1 Cor. 1:8, 1 Cor 5:5, 2 Cor 1:14, Eph. 4:30, Phil. 1:6, phil. 1:10, Phil. 2:16, 1 Thess. 5:2-4, 2 Thess. 2:2, 2 Tim. 1:12, 2 Tim 1:18, 2 Tim 4:8, Heb. 10:25, 2 Pet: 3:10-12.    

God gave Joshua the greater Israel and David reclaimed the greater Israel. The fulfillment of the Genesis promise was completed before the New Covenant time! The prophesy is not a future Dispensational prophesy. It is a completed biblical prophesy. 

2 Samuel 8:3: Moreover, David defeated Hadadezer son of Rehob, king of Zobah, when he went to restore his monument at the Euphrates River.


The 1689 London confession was a capitulation to Protestant false doctrine including the eternal subordination of the Son (see my belief statement) and a capitulation to law preaching and a Sunday sabbath. On the other hand, the 1646 London Baptist confession is a testament to faith. Regarding law preaching the 1646 Confession teaches that:


The preaching of the gospel to the conversion of sinners, is absolutely free; no way requiring as absolutely necessary, any qualifications, preparations, or terrors of the law, or preceding ministry of the law, but only and alone the naked soul, a sinner and ungodly, to receive Christ crucified, dead and buried, and risen again; who is made a prince and a Savior for such sinners as through the gospel shall be brought to believe on Him.

John 3:14,15, 1:12; Isa. 55:1; John 7:37; 1 Tim. 1:15; Rom. 4:5, 5:8; Acts 5:30,31, 2:36, 1 Cor. 1:22,24.



  1. Beautiful testimonial. Judging just from her name this person sounds lovely and may the Lord heal your grief: Miss Christine Devereaux

    I am listening to this beautiful PP&M song as I read this and feel optimistic for you:

  2. Re your book False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies. This is a true story. Back in 2006 I was living in Boulder Colorado when a high profile arrest was made regarding the old Jon Benet Ramsey murder/kidnapping case. In August there was a giant international media convention outside the Boulder Hall of Justice. I circulated among the reporters and cameramen for three days distributing a flyer called: "9-11: The Murder of America" about the coverup of 9-11 Truth. On the third day a burly FOX news cameraman took me aside and said: "Son you're wasting your time." When I asked him why he replied: "Everyone in the media knows that 9-11 is a giant coverup, but the problem is that the news executives in New York won't let us touch this story."

    What he said I suspected all along and confirmed my belief that America's mass media is nothing but controlled propaganda. I recommend the following links for 9-11 Truth information at this Amazon comment site:

    1. The 9-11 Zionist Terrorist Charade in fact proves the thesis of this book, that organized governments and their military regimes will not hesitate to victimize the defenseless and uninformed. See the books by Christopher Bollyn to learn the truth about the 9-11 false flag attacks:

      See also these links:

    2. Yes, thanks for the info on the Fox News guy and 9/11. It is propaganda for sure.

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    4. I am sorry, Menachem. I have studied your German friends and they believe in free will, not predestination. This is a fatal error in religious doctrine because one knows if they are called that it was not their will, but rather God's will. I hope you will reconsider their position and find it to be missing the mark as well.

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