Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israel, You Did Not Wait for Isaiah, and So You Live Under a Curse

Isaiah 9 said that the New Zion would come in peace. Isaiah said the New Zion would be established by God. The Israel that exists now is not holy, nor is it the New Zion spoken of by Isaiah. So, Israel is now afraid the entire nation could be hit by Hamas. I posted this to my Facebook site and it is the truth. Here this Israel:

When are you Israelis going to realize that you are living under a curse? Isaiah said the New Zion would come in peace. Did you Zionists wait for Isaiah? No you didn't. You aren't a Zion. You are, as a nation, a fraud. At least drop the Zion concept and a flag for David. So it won't ever get better for you. You have taken the word of God into your own hands. Your prophet, David Ben-Gurion, was an avowed atheist. You are blind being led by the blind.
Even those who do not believe in New Covenant Theology and Christ as Messiah, can see plainly that Isaiah speaks of a peaceful Zion coming in the future with a messiah that brings peace and establishes the New Zion. Even those who follow Judaism can understand this though they must be called to see the whole truth. But this Messiah of peace is not what we have now. We have a fraud, and Zionists have no right to call present Israel Zion. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Election of Grace to Eternal Life

There is an election of grace that transforms a few chosen ones, from Jew and Gentile, into the new man revealed by Paul the Apostle. This new man means that in Christ there is not Jew or Greek, barbarian or Scythian, etc. Colossians 3:9-11

Scythians were Iranian equestrian tribes inhabiting large areas of the central Eurasian steppes from 7th century BC to the 4th century AD.

The barbarians of Paul were likely those foreigners who did not speak Greek.

Election of grace is blessed to those chosen, though it causes anguish in them because their loved ones are not chosen. It is not the place of the elect to convince God regarding the non elect. We can only hope that mercy will show itself to the unsaved family members in due time.

Election by grace is a blessing, though silently we suffer as the chosen while the wealthy and the powerful and the wicked have their rewards already. Finding other new men in Christ at this late time proves difficult. The wicked deeds of the non elect, especially in the political sphere vex our very souls.

But time will come when time ends, and that will be a joyous ushering in of the City of God, and fellowship with those who preached the gospel so many centuries ago. That will be a cause for rejoicing and the burdens that we feel in this life will pass away.

We utter a prayer, "Come Lord Jesus", to free us and put and end to the destruction caused by the fake religious ones, who use religion for their financial gain and military power. They will be the ones defeated in the end when the host from heaven applies judgement in the Last Day.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zionism, According to Isaiah, Comes in Peace. Israel Is Not Zion.

Israel is not the new Zion. Whatever Israel is, it is not the old Zion because God ended that regime and it is not new Zion because the New Zion spoken of in Isaiah comes in peace.

What Israel is is a spiritual pretender, with its father, David Ben-Gurion, adopting atheism. He was an avowed atheist.

You cannot expect sanction from God when your prophet is an atheist, and folks, this is a no brainer.

No one should be fooled about the spiritual status of Israel as a nation, because it has no status.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Americans Cannot Repeat the Mistake of Adolph Hitler and Neither Should Putin

I hope this helps people understand that the most wicked have some truth. But the truth they have is overcome by evil and untruth. Certainly Hitler was one who had enough truth to be dangerous to the world, yet not enough to seek a peaceful and pragmatic solution to his troubles with the Zionists in Germany.

I discuss Putin and America. Hopefully pragmatism will prevail and the US can sovereignly restrain the bankster plan for world domination and possible nuclear war. It is different now than with Hitler. We all can be destroyed, the entire planet of humans.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Torah Is Not Racist as Rahab Is Proof, but Top Israeli Rabbis Think It Is

What a shame, and typical of the racism of the Talmud, that top rabbis in Israel would say that racism is good and that the Torah, the Old Testament, is racist.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Gentiles were saved in the Torah age. And some were defeated because it was God's will to establish a physical nation that did his will, though rarely did it do God's will.

But clearly, the Gentiles that were saved were so saved to show God's future plan and prove that God was not a racist. Those saved included Ruth, Rahab, and the men of Ninevah.

Rahab was in the genealogy of Christ, and therefore, purity of race was simply not an issue for God!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Examples of Globalization: An Excursion to the Dark Side of Globalization eBook: Gary Anderson, Sandy Mertens: Kindle Store Examples of Globalization: An Excursion to the Dark Side of Globalization eBook: Gary Anderson, Sandy Mertens: Kindle Store

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Marshall Beeber, Messianic Jew is a Closet Dispensationalist.

Marshall Beeber, a Messianic Jew, is actually a closet Dispensationalist. He says he is a historic premillenialist. But he believes that Romans 12 talks about Israel as a government, a nation, being holy. That is not what Romans 12 is about. Romans 12 is about individual Jews becoming Christians, the elect, all the elect Israel, being saved. All the elect Israel is made up of Jewish and Gentile believers.

So Beeber, who says he is not a Dispensationalist, is a sneaky pro Israeli Dispensationalist who chided me for believing that 9/11 and other conspiracies show Israeli involvement.

But clearly, read up about the Lavon Affair, where Israelis attacked US government property in Egypt. Israel admitted to it in 2005, 51 years after it happened. No one died, but that is not the point. It was a false flag attack on the USA.

I am a citizen of the USA. I put the USA first except for a spiritual citizenship in the new Zion, a spiritual Zion of peace, not one that is physical (Israel) of war like Beeber supports. If I were a resident of Israel I would oppose the regime change in the Arab states and the occupation of the Palestinians, which is slavery, just like I do here.

If I were a resident of Israel I would seek a legitimate defense of the homeland, but not a destruction of all other nations around me, which is happening now in the middle east with regime change.

I cannot support militant Zionism. It is evil and murderous. It is a movement that seeks world domination. How can a movement that seeks world domination be Christian? It can't. I urge Jews who seek peace, who live in Israel, to move if they can. If they can't then I pray for peace for them.

Beeber should reassess if he is in the faith. The truth of the matter is that Beeber is not an historical premillenialist, he is a Dispensationalist which leads to a Christian Zionsm, and he is a liar.