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I Don't Celebrate Christmas As a Religious Holiday

I don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. First of all, God would not be pleased by a Christ's Mass. There was a one time sacrifice for all time, for the elect. Mass is false religion.

Then, Christmas music, the religious music, is fraught with false doctrine, the elevation of days, of holy nights, all that have nothing to do with a spiritual kingdom of Christ.

I conform to social norms for a secular Christmas, to make my family happy. I like Santa Claus and the tree with decorations. Of course, I shed any religous connotations of those practices, knowing that they have roots in either pagan or false religious practice.

The winter solstice celebration is not the birthday of Christ, and no one knows what the birthday of Christ was. It wasn't important enough to include in revealed scripture. It was likely not in December because of clues.

Based on John the Baptist's conception, in the middle of June, in the course of Abijah (Luke 1:5), it is likely that Jesus was born sometime in September, since Jesus was 6 months younger than John. But it doesn't matter, since it isn't during the pagan winter solstice celebration.

I don't believe God uses Christmas to save the elect. The Christmas spirit is not the Spirit of Christ!

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Feds won't accept Missouri driver's licenses. You Didn't Believe in 9/11 Conspiracy

APNewsBreak: Feds won't accept Missouri driver's licenses - Yahoo News

The AP and Yahoo are in on this lie, I assure you. So I posted this comment at Yahoo as Homeland Security is requiring this intrusive identification:

Homeland security covered up 9/11 that was done by Cheney. Skelator,
Michael Chertoff, who started homeland security is a dual US/Israel
citizen. Zionists (many of which are neocons) are not practicing
Judaism. They are taking over the world. Obama is a Zionist. Zionism is
the opposite of Judaism and is multiracial. JFK was assassinated by the
Zionist globalists including LBJ. The cabal is STILL IN POWER.

California and other states are also potentially subject to this barrier to air travel and entering federal buildings.  This is unacceptable behavior by the United States government. 

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

God Has Shown Me Zionism Will Ultimately Be Defeated

Zionism, the cabal that rules the western world, will ultimately be defeated by God.  Unspeakable joy in Christ gives me comfort that God will put Zionism, which is not a religion, under his feet. God will ultimately judge all of us by whether we are in Christ and if He has taken on our sin for our redemption.

But Zionism has a special wrath of God coming upon it. Zionism is the spirit that killed the prophets and that killed Jesus Christ and persecuted the Christians. While God hated the Roman Empire above all empires, it operated in the spirit of the Babylonian Empire that took the Israelites captive in the Old Testament and was rebellious in creating the Tower of Babel.

That rebelliousness exists in the world today, as the Zionists ignored the word of the prophets and established a fake Zion that was not sanctioned by God. God had said through the prophets that the true Zion would be established by the Messiah. The Zionists rebelled and established a fake Zion through their own evil plans, leaving, by the way, most of the Jews to face Hitler and the Holocaust.

This Zionist empire effects regime change and continual war, liar loans, gun control, and other evil plans to bring citizens of nations controlled by the Zionists into conformity.

So far, the Zionists have not forced Christians to renounce their beliefs. But there may be Christians in the middle east who have been put into grave danger and perhaps faced death because of the regime change. There are many nominal Christian groups that are not really Christian in truth, so I don't know for sure.  In Israel, you could not go and share your faith.

And Zionists have labeled those who destroy its doctrine as "antiSemite". This evil lie has made its way into law in some governments in the west. Exposing Zionism for the fraud that it is is crucial to the Christian faith! 

And of course, we welcome any non Christian exposure of the evil deeds of Zionism in the world. World domination is fraught with danger and killing and wicked treatment of women and children.

Zionism is multiracial in the western world, so, for example, Obama, Biden, Clinton and Cheney are all Zionists. But is particularly racist and bigoted in Israel.

Israel is not the home of the Jews. Christ is home to the Jews and Gentiles who are called. One new man in Christ is the result. Few are chosen.

As for the Zionists, they will either be defeated by other forces, which is not likely since the world is filled with nuclear weapons, or most likely will be defeated by the soon to be return of Jesus Christ. 

Be blessed if you are in Christ. His victory is assured.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Liberman 'peace plan' would pay Arabs to leave Israel | The Times of Israel

Liberman 'peace plan' would pay Arabs to leave Israel | The Times of Israel

This is the true face of Zionism. Zionism is not a religion. It is an evil spitting in the face of God.

“...who feel part of the Palestinian people [to
leave the country] will solve the problem of divided loyalties and
‘split personality’ they suffer from. They can decide if they are part
of the state of Israel or Palestine.”

“Those who decide that they identify as
Palestinian could give up their Israeli citizenship and become citizens
of a future Palestinian state. The State of Israel should encourage this
via a system of economic incentives,” the plan states.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Letter to President Obama About His Lies, Hoaxes and False Flags

Mr President,

You blew it this time with this pitiful San Bernardino false flag. 3 shooters, athletic, tall and white, yet you killed 2 Muslims, one a little woman. And not only are many on to your apparent hoaxes and false flags, others are so afraid of the violence under your presidency, thinking it is real, that they are buying guns and ammo like mad. Your plan appears to be backfiring.

Then you want war with ISIS while arming ISIS and keeping them around. Is there anything in your life that is not a lie?

I don't have all the answers, but I wrote this little piece for you. And I have articles against the cashless society:

I would rather that you reject Israel and big finance in the UK and US and apply government force to protect our nation, than continue these shameful false flags and hoaxes. They will be studied until the end of time and you will go down in history as an infamous person. People think you are a Muslim, but we know better.

My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted and I know you are doing wrong with the Zionists. There is nothing good about Zionism, which is not Judaism. [Author note: Torah First Judaism has kept the road map to the truth, the OT, which the Zionists reject. But the election by grace has not yet revealed the Messiah, Jesus Christ, to those people. I pray for them daily.]

God has told me that one day this globalist empire of yours will be judged for its evil deeds. The empire of Gog and Magog will be dealt with in His time.

Personally I am for gun rights, but I oppose violence. If people own guns they should be owned as a deterrent to Zionist advances against constitutional freedoms.

I will publish this letter on my religious blog, so people can see that I am a concerned citizen, but that I know things will have to play out until one stronger than all of us makes His eternal will known.  This is the blog Mr President,

Please stop with the false flags and hoaxes. Please don't continue this massive neocon/Zionist lying.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

British Empire-An Absurd Conclusion of Wikipedia

British Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clearly if you read this account of the British Empire, one striking detail emerges. The Wikipedia authors believe that the empire ended. However, what they miss is the obvious, that the empire moved from a physical empire to a financial empire. The sun never sets on the financial empire.

The assistance of the USA, Israel, and the world, keep this financial empire in place. Wall Street is just a helper in this empire, with the real power residing in the Square Mile, Londinium, the original London.

Gog and Magog, the two Roman garbed soldier statues, still guard the Square Mile, and the center of world finance is still going strong, doing what empires always do, oppress nations and citizens of those nations for the benefit of the elite. God will judge this empire, The Anglo-American-Israeli empire with a wrath only previously reserved for the original Roman Empire itself!