Friday, May 22, 2015

The Khazar/Hebrew Genetic Controversy in the Light of Romans 11

Romans 11 is very clear. The elect Jews, descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will be called in the end times. There will not be many called, but God will fulfill his promise to the elect.

What is in dispute degenerates into the issue of endless genealogy based upon disputed DNA. There is strong evidence that modern day Israelis, for example, are Khazars, and yet there are other studies that link them to Sephardic Jews, which are not Khazars. Clearly, there is a lot of Khazar DNA in the Zionists who settled Israel.

Are they Hebrews? It is possible but maybe not. Certainly, the women in the Khazar Israeli DNA were European. The question then is about the men and more study is needed.

But the point is, God keeps the lineage of those who have descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We can't pinpoint those people and it isn't necessary. God will call the elect Jews from that gene pool.

Know this, regardless of how the DNA controversy plays out, you cannot be a Zionist and a Christian. Regardless how this DNA stuff all plays out, that truth remains until the end of time.

In the light of this thinking I sent this email to the Khazar project scientist, Eran Elhaik:

Hi Prof,

While I would like to believe that Zionists are not Hebrews, seeing what the Zionists have done to the world and to the Palestinians, I don't believe you help your cause by saying there was no 70AD tribulation and dispersion. There was.

Here is the deal, there are elect Jews, and elect Gentiles, who are called to be Christians. Not many. But there are some, and the Gentile times may be coming to an end. It ultimately does not matter if your version of DNA study or the others win. God keeps track of the descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the elect of these will most certainly be saved in Christ.

There is an election by grace. 

I enjoy reading your blog, except where you, like the Zionists do in their own way, throw dirt on God. The Zionists do it by saying that an atheist can establish the New Israel (Ben-Gurion), when the Torah and Prophets clearly said that the Messiah would do so. Oh, and it is a spiritual, not a physical kingdom. Just FYI. 

So, the number one enemy of God in the world today is the Zionist movement. It would have been better not to have been born than to have been born and become a Zionist. Everyone will see that is true on the Last Day.

Gary Anderson
Las Vegas, NV

While all unbelievers face eternal punishment, the harshest punishment is reserved to those in the highest spiritual places, the Zionists and their European and American cartel associates who run the world. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Racist Zionist Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Bigoted Zionist: Pamela Geller is an aggressive Zionist globalist who set up the antiMuslim rally in Garland Texas, which was apparently assaulted by gunmen...

Gary here: This is from one of my other blogs. Christians need to be crystal clear about this. They must repudiate Pamela Geller, who set up the Garland, Texas Muslim cartoon fiasco. It isn't Christian. It isn't even civilized. They say they do it for free speech, but it is done to consolidate Zionist power. You cannot be a Christian and be a Zionist once you understand what Zionism is. Here is another link explaining what Zionism is in a nutshell: 

Be clear about one thing, Pamela Geller hates peaceful Muslims in the USA and wants to provoke a religious war. This is opposed by the American tradition of tolerance. Pamela Geller is an Israeli plant, having been sponsored by Israeli lobbyists.

Don't be fooled, tolerance is the American way, and is also the Christian way. America is not a holy nation, but it has been a nation at peace because many groups have learned to live in peace. It is our tradition as a nation. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Clarifying My Position on Christianity, Judaism and True Torah Jews

I posted this on Facebook, in a forum, regarding my position on Christianity, Judaism and True Torah Jews:

I know the gospel. Zionism is multiracial, by the way. There are Gentiles who are Zionists. (Zionism is not a religion.) As far as religion is concerned, the Old Covenant has passed away, so from a religious perspective, the only true Jews are Christians. But I support the True Torah Jews politically because they understand that Ben-Gurion did NOT ESTABLISH THE NEW ZION. Hope that clarifies my position, Lauralie.

I went on to say to Laurelei:

  • Gary Anderson

    But Paul has said that the elect Jews will be saved. He said this: Romans 11: 

    "I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means! I am an Israelite myself, a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Benjamin. 2 God did not reject his people, whom he foreknew."

    So, Lauralei, some who are in the lineage of Abraham will saved in the later times. There is a racial component to that descendancy, although the lineage included converts, like Rahab. It is useless at this late date to attempt to record genealogy and Paul rejected that. The elect descendents of Abraham will be saved. God keeps track of the lineage.

    The Times of the Gentiles is no doubt coming to an end if it hasn't ended already.

    Certainly, Israel has no right to establish a Zion. The Zionists are not interested in a Temple which has been done away with (by God). Yet they have nothing spiritual to take its place!

    But we who have the gospel that reaches out to the descendents of Abraham do have knowledge of the true Zion and power according to the gospel, which convicts of unbelief.

    This gospel rejects Dispensationalism as the 42 months of Revelation was the tribulation surrounding 70 AD and the destruction of Israel and the Temple and the Old Covenant. This gospel understands Christ to be the Temple and we Christians are the living stones in Him, making up the true Temple of God on the earth.

    And to clarify more, this is what I believe about Israel:

     Israel is cursed because it cannot be the true New Zion. The old Zion has been forever destroyed in 70 AD, and the New Zion is instituted by the Messiah, according to the prophets. So, that leaves Israel as a fake Zion.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

God Gives the Power to not Be Poor. Being Poor Means God Willed It.

Those who escape their poverty do so by the plan and providence of God. Being poor is a function of God not granting responsibility. People say the poor are not responsible. But their poverty is a function of God's will.

The Scripture is clear, God gives the power to gain wealth. So says Moses in Deuteronomy 8:18 That means any power man has to make even one dollar is God given.

Be warned, if you think the poor are poor because of what they did apart from God's providence, you are mistaken. If God had chosen to make them not poor it would have been accomplished!

You will say, "Well, they are not responsible, or are drunkards, or are lazy". And the response of the scripture is clear, God gives the power to overcome lack of responsibility, drunkenness, and laziness. Many also are born and raised with no propensity toward those behaviors.

Lack of responsibility is the result of an absence of God's power. 

And yet, this power to gain wealth is not a saving power counting toward eternal life. In fact, God sometimes saves the irresponsible, the drunken and the lazy to confound those given power to gain extraordinary wealth. Isn't that just incredible? 

The arrogance of man is evident when you see how man deals with the poor. That arrogance will someday be crushed by the final judgement that we all face. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dispensationalism Was Sponsored by Zionist Globalists from the United Kingdom

The Dispensationalism of C.I. Scofield was featured by the Zionist globalists from the United Kingdom. The Scofield Bible with Dispensationalist lies peppered at the bottom of every page was publish by Oxford University Press, a publisher friendly to those who were seeking a New Israel through Zionism.

What better way to gain friends to this movement than to find Christian Zionists, Dispensationalists, to support the movement in the UK and in the USA. Dispensationalism spread like wildfire in the USA.

I wrote about it Here:

Therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He departed again to the mountain by Himself alone. -John 6:15
People misuse the law of Moses because they do not understand grace.

Dispensationalism is a new form of elemental religion. Where Covenant Theology was the old form of elemental practice and doctrine, dispensationalism is the new kid in town. However, this does not make Dispensationalism any less evil. Dispensationalism is no less a false gospel than is Covenant Theology. Dispensationalism posits that Jesus intent was to offer an earthly kingdom to the Hebrews. By ignoring John 6:15, they infer that this kingdom is yet to be offered because of the death of Christ, and that there are two purposes of Christ in history, one for the church and the other for the Hebrews. This doctrine of course is a faithless and elemental lie.

 Of course, the obvious error in this literalist interpretation of prophesy is that it does not honor the interpretations of the apostles of the Lord. The second obvious error is that it reintroduces elemental religion and an earthly kingdom for Israel. Paul said that if we build again what has been destroyed we are transgressors. (Gal 2:18)

The modern sovereign but non-sacral nation of Israel was funded and establish by the Rothschilds, not the Messiah. It is not a sign that Dispensationalism is correct! In point of fact, the prophets said Zion would be established in peace and by God. The Israel that exists today is not holy, and it is not a Zion. It is a fake Zion. Dispensationalists want to reestablish a separate historical promise for a nation that no longer exists as a holy nation. This makes dispensationalists transgressors of Christ! See this truth about the Daniel 70 weeks as an example.

Certainly, this unholy alliance of those funding the Zionist project and so called Christians who held to Dispensationalism was popularized by big money. Scofield's friend was Samuel Untermeyer, who went on to great wealth, and influence with President Wilson, possibly in the appointment of Justice Brandeis to the Supreme Court. His influence was likely crucial to establishing World War 1 with Germany, a very evil conflict.