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Revelation Timeline

This timeline of the Book of Revelation, written after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD, was originally posted at this static page on this blog entitled Essential Articles/END TIMES:


Here is a brief timeline regarding the Book of Revelation. Clearly, the book of Revelation was written after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The real destruction was to follow.

And clearly also, most of the prophets who were killed were killed in Jerusalem. The Great City clearly refers to Jerusalem multiple times. However, the destruction of the beast does not. I am putting this timeline out there. I believe it has merit and makes more sense than other timelines, especially Dispensationalist timelines which are created out of thin air:

1. Rev chapter 18 speaks to the destruction of Jerusalem but was written after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. It could speak to the completed destruction after 70 AD, in 135 AD, when Jerusalem was literally ploughed under. In 70 AD, 30,000 He…

Ancient DNA Reveals Descendant of Jacob

I am a descendant of Jacob, fulfilling the prophesy of Paul in Romans 11. Here is an ancient DNA test that shows my strong ancient diaspora Jewish ties.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to find out if they have certain DNA. Ancient Gedrosia K3 test helps find that DNA, a middle east DNA. Mine shows Assyrian Empire and Jewish, from a diaspora long ago, before 70 AD. Likely the Babylonian and or earlier Assyrian Empire diaspora! It is not the same as current autosomal analysis but the results come from autosomal testing. I thought this was cool for people to see what they have and it is necessary to test your DNA and put your kit on Gedmatch in order to run this sort of Admixture Test. I have very little modern Jewish, just a little. But in the ancient world, my ancestors were Jewish on my father's side. His last name was Ramirez and was Iberian:
So, here is my understanding. I have a little diaspora with triangulation with some AJ's over 10 cM. I have triangulation with some…

Globalist Empire in a Nutshell

I believe JFK assassination was done with the approval of Alan Dulles, the CIA, and LBJ. The cabal that did this is still in charge today. The media was consolidated in the 1980's. That was the cabal working. 9/11 and other false flags were approved by the cabal. When JFK was assassinated, we ceased being a Democracy and folded into Empire. The financial center of the Empire is the original city of London, the Square Mile. I have written articles on Business Insider and elsewhere about Gog and Magog, the two statues dressed in Roman soldiers uniforms that symbolically guard the Square Mile. It fancies itself as the New Roman Empire. The Rothschild Project is tied to that very Square Mile, which is why Israel has so much power for being such a little nation. I have Jewish DNA by testing, and certainly it troubles me that the United States is a mistreated part of this Empire. We provide the muscle, but the Square Mile and Israel are the center of this Empire.

The Truth About Billy Graham

The Truth About Billy Graham is that he believed in free will and in Covenant Theology. He believed in alter calls and making a decision for Christ. Compare that preaching to the Apostle Peter who preached Christ and the Spirit cut the hearts of the listeners in Acts chapter 2.
Billy Graham was a man who did not preach the doctrines of the elect. He did not know Christ. He never repudiated those doctrines.
Was he a better man than most? That very well could be. Did he have more personal integrity than most of us? Most likely he did. Was he a likeable person, probably more than most. There is no doubt of that.
But all that counts for nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Do I wish Billy Graham were counted among the elect? You can be certain I do. But what seems right to men is useless dung to God. Based on doctrine, Billy Graham rejected the mystery and truth revealed about Jesus Christ through the Spirit, and it is quite obvious that this is so.

Ashkenazi Jewish Cousin of mine has Palestinian DNA

Do not be surprised that Palestinians are distant relatives of Ashkenazi Jews. Here is an Ashkenazi cousin who is, like me, a distant relative to Palestinians. The Zionists of Israel have no right to treat the Palestinians the way they do! No Christians can believe there is any justice in the occupation of the Palestinians!

For clarification, I have very little Jewish but it is real. I triangulate with well over 130 tested Jewish people who have common relatives with me on two chromosomes. But, this relative has the following:

Using 1 population approximation:
1 Jew_Romania_derived @ 5.707428
2 Greek_Cretan_derived @ 6.424453
3 Sicilian_derived @ 6.464532
4 Greek_East_derived @ 7.169208
5 Italian-South_derived @ 7.693140
6 Ashkenazim_derived @ 8.414227
7 Italian-Center_derived @ 8.526521
8 Jew_Francestrale_derived @ 8.908605
9 Greek_Center_derived @ 8.971390
10 Jew_Italia_derived @ 9.170964
11 Greek_South_derived @ 11.243842
12 Jew_Morocco_derived @ 11.526484
13 Greek_North_derived @ 11.878470
14 S…

Scientology, or Buying Your Way to True Religion

I have had an unfortunate experience of personally knowing a relative who has been entrapped by Scientology. I am adopted, and have shared that I have an Iberian father and a British mother. Well, that is where their families came from anyway. And my natural relative on my mother's side has joined Sea Org, the most dreadful inner army of Scientology. She works long hours for little compensation.

Scientology, to be blunt, is a greedy and wicked cult.  Unlike most religions, which admittedly do not value the power of the gospel, Scientology goes for complete mind control. There have been testimonies of people attempting to leave the religion only to be tracked down. There have been testimonies of beatings. Members have given up what we normally understand as adulthood to follow a prescribed plan to buy eternal knowledge with money under mind control.

Clearly, from studying Wikipedia and Leah Remini's book, Trouble Maker, we have an inside look at the cult of Scientology.

There …

Israel Is Treating Palestinians Like Sodom Treated the Poor.

Israel is treating the Palestinians like Sodom treated the poor. We all know what happened to Sodom. Here is what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob said about Sodom and the poor:

Ezekiel 16:

48"As I live," declares the Lord GOD, "Sodom, your sister and her daughters have not done as you and your daughters have done. 49"Behold,thiswas the guiltof your sisterSodom:she and her daughtershadarrogance,abundantfoodand carelessease,but she did not helpthe poorand needy.50"Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me. Therefore I removed them when I saw it.…

Israel is treating the Palestinians, their DNA cousins, just like Sodom treated their poor. There are cases of land and olive trees being destroyed, of ambulances being detained. Israel's treatement of the Palestinians puts Israel in danger of fire from the heavens. 

Sodom was destroyed because it was rich and because the poor were neglected. Let this be a lesson to Libertarians everywhere. If yo…

Defining the New Israel

The following is from an Orthodox theologian. Keep in mind that this point of agreement does not define a true fellowship. Most Orthodox theologians are for free will, and most are for Covenant Theology. I wrote this about Covenant Theology and about the piece that follows by John W. Morris:

"...that is well written, but keep in mind that the other side of the Dispensationalist coin is Covenant Theology. The Augustinians, ie most Protestants and Catholics and maybe Orthodox, believe that there is one covenant with different administrations. That elevation of the Old Covenant to an equal status with the new brings forth false practices like infant baptism, as a replacement for circumcision. The only true doctrine is New Covenant Theology. 
So, the legalism of Covenant Theology was replaced more recently by the legalism of the Dispensationalists and Scofield. There is only one true doctrine of grace, New Covenant Theology."

The hope for peace brought forth by the author of this …