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The Gospel Alone is the Power of God

This gospel message (the Power of God), is the ability of God to cut the heart with the message of Jesus Christ having risen as Savior, from the dead. This gospel affirmed by this blog is now specifically focused on Jewish people and many Mediterranean and Latino people who have Jewish ancestry and don't know it, per the prophesy in Romans 11 spoken of by Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ. However, historically, most races and nations could have DNA of ancient Hebrews or current Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews in pockets of their populations, because of sailing, wars, close proximity, silk road, etc.

Ancient Hebrew (Gedrosian admixture testing, Gedmatch) and post Christ Jewish DNA could be found almost anywhere. And this DNA could be washed out, for some, who are actual descendants of Jacob! So, this blog is not shutting out the possibility that many have descent from Jacob from places like Africa, the Arab middle east, and India, China, Russia, etc as these are old civilizations.

Luke Chapter 21 Key To End Times

Luke Chapter 21 is key to understanding the end times. We know that Luke 21:24 reveals that the Times of the Gentiles is fulfilled as the carnal Israel, the fig tree, becomes a sign to the elect.

Folks with Jewish DNA (potentially from the world over, especially folks with roots in the Iberian and Mediterranean) are grafted into the natural olive tree as seen in Roman's 11. This is not Dispensationalism. The New Covenant is still the glory of God to the very end. No future reestablishment of the Old Covenant will have any force. If physical Israel would try to do that God would just prepare a fierce judgement for the unbelieving Old Covenant reconstructionists.

But key to understanding that the end is near is if the fig tree (physical Israel) brings forth leaves. Clearly, middle east Israel is making its impact felt among the nations, for bad and good. That means summer, the return of Christ in the air for all to see, is very near. This is Christ's second coming which is no s…

Christ is Elect Jews Second Coming, Not Trump

Donald Trump is ungodly in his acknowledgement of a tweet that claimed Trump was the Second Coming of God for Israel.

That Donald Trump would seek to claim he is Israel's king is terrible unbelief. It should repel Jewish people and real Christians. Pray for this deluded buffoon.

[Update: Trump's impeachment troubles surfaced after he claimed he was Israel's second coming. I believe God was angered by his behavior. Whether it results in vacating the presidency or not, lots of dirty stuff about his mafia like behavior will come out if he chooses to fight impeachment. Or it is possible he may choose to simply resign. Either way, God's will is what matters and He controls all political leaders.]

The elect Jews and other descendants of Jacob, like Latinos and other ethnic groups, who are called to be Christians, will rejoice that the True Christ will triumph over Trump and all political leaders who seek to deceive the elect. The secular and religious nations (all national …

Why was God angry at Israel?

God was angry at Old Covenant Israel because they could not keep the law of Moses. This means God did not love those non elect disobedient Israelites. It meant that God would have to make a New Covenant and sacrifice His son. That was the source of His anger toward Israel. He will keep anger at least until the plan of redemption is fulfilled.

Will He end the anger at the end of the process of redemption? Scripture may not say. I have not found it.

However, I believe God created his own anger because of Christ's suffering and for deepening the understanding of the elect remnant of ancient Hebrews and now  the few elect Christians saved by the gospel. Believe in Jesus Christ.

See Hebrews chapter 11 where we see see that the Old Covenant saints realized by divine revelation that the Old Covenant of salvation by works was not going to save those who looked to the law of Moses for their salvation. The non elect Israelis strayed.

The remnant saved in the Old Covenant looked for a heave…

Why God being Being Angry Is a Good Thing

Since I have been in the hospital emergency room, I learned a very valuable lesson about our father in heaven.

The lesson is that God ordained himself to be angry at sin, seen most clearly in his wrath against the Israelites. From my perspective as a very sick but hopefully recovering patient is that Christ suffered on the cross for us, but the anger of the Father had to be greatest in seeing Christ suffer.

The plan of redemption was preordained, as was God's anger, but God never had to put the plan in motion. He had over 100 million angels. He was in perfect peace. Christ sacrificed, but the Father and the Spirit suffered in their own way, too.

And all this suffering of God for us? A perfect God gave up his perfect peace for us, for the elect chosen in Him from before the world was made. Only God would care so much. We who are elect in Christ can only marvel, with tears, at the greatness of God.

I want those who love God to copy the pages of this blog for their own building up. …

My Ethiopian Cousin

I have a 5th cousin who is a black man, predominantly. He says his family came from Ethiopian Jews. The interesting thing is that he triangulated with my Ashkenazi Jewish cousins and cousins with Spanish names, likely Sephardic. These all triangulate on chromosome 22.

I have more Jewish cousins on chromosome 6. These are 6th cousins and the triangulation is with Jewish names that may appear to be more ancient, eastern European. No Sephardic triangulation on my chromosome 6 has yet been found

I also have Jewish cousins who are Sephardic from the cluster in New Mexico.

Here are the last names of a few of my 100 known 5th Jewish cousins by DNA (race) triangulated on chromosome 22:

Pacheco (Likely Sephardic)
Fechelin (Likely Sephardic)

My natural last name is Ramirez. While my most recent cousins are of Spanish descent, I have twice as much Portuguese DNA alon…

My Christian View of Israel's Purpose

As a Christian, I have a world view concerning the nation of Israel, from a biblical perspective. I first want to say that I view Christian Zionism as not being Christian at all. Israel has a purpose but it is not what the Christian Zionists think.

Israel's existence heralds the end of time.Israel's existence is not for the reestablishment of the old covenant. If Christ is the perfect sacrifice, there is no need for another temple or the reestablishment of the Levitical priesthood.

Israel's existence is a mixed blessing. I believe that while it is God's will that Israel exist to the end of time, it has none of the spiritual status of the Old Covenant. Christ's covenant is in force now. There is no need for another Zion.

My DNA connects me to Israel, and to Jews in many places. That is why I say it is a mixed blessing. Christ basically said in Luke 21:24 that the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. That means for me that the end is near as a few descendants of Jaco…

My Heart Bleeds for Those Who Are Lost

Most of the people who live in the world are lost. Those who are saved are few. I know few are saved. Christ said in Matthew many are on the path to eternal damnation. He said few find the narrow way to eternal life.

I know that people who have better character than me are not saved, that men and women of stronger mental capacity are not saved, that men and women of greater courage and greater discipline are not saved. Men and women with better charisma and personality than me are not saved.

I certainly do not feel sorrow for murderers, for the rich men and wicked politicians who don't help the poor and don't help the border refugees. They deserve their destiny through their actions or omissions. The fake corporate religionists like Franklin Graham will likely not feel compassion from me.

But, the fact that literally a small remnant of humanity is saved shakes me to the core. I didn't do anything to gain salvation while they did not gain it. All that came as faith from Go…