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Covenant Theology

This following scripture from the Apostle Paul devastates the theology, Covenant Theology, that has resulted in church state abuse, wars in the name of Christ, persecution of Jews by Martin Luther and the murder of men in the name of Christ by both Catholics and Protestants historically:
"To the Jews I became a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. To those not having the law I became like one not having the law, THOUGH I AM NOT FREE FROM GOD'S LAW BUT AM UNDER CHRIST'S LAW."  (1 Cor. 9:20-21)

This website rejects Theonomy, or the belief that nations of the world can be "Christian" and therefore can become the keeper of true religion. If this were true Jesus would not have said that His kingdom was not of this world.

If fusion of church and state were Christ's true teaching, the leaders of the church would not have been the Apostles but rather men who controlled government. It is not wrong for a Christian to serve in government, but the only holy people are the believers in Christ and a Christian does not speak for fusion of church and state even if he/she is in government service. Any other view is evil.

Covenant Theology and Law: People misuse the Law of Moses because they do not understand Grace.

Virtually all covenant theologians believe in law preaching as a means of bringing men to saving conviction. Virtually all covenant theologians are Augustinians. Martin Luther was an Augustinian monk. John Calvin quotes Augustine extensively in his Institutes of the Christian Religion in his defense of Covenant Theology. Augustine rose up as the apologist for the Constantinian sacral church/state movement in the 4th century.Augustine was the preeminent sacralist theologian of his time and for all time.
Covenant Theology by definition is a major systematic misuse of the law of Moses. It is the theological system that is responsible for the crusades, for all manner of "holy wars", for religious oppression widespread, for the murder of political leaders who were also sacralists, for Protestant and Catholic persecution of true religion.
The law of Moses is not a schoolmaster to convict men of sin, as interpreted by the Augustinians. The law was a schoolmaster to the Old Covenant saints, teaching them that Christ was true according to the types and shadows revealed to them. Galatians 3:23-25 is one of the most misunderstood scriptures there is. It is a historical scripture showing the advancement of history from one covenant to another.Covenant Theology's interpretation totally annuls Paul saying he was determined to know nothing but the gospel to the Gentiles. How could that be if they needed a "schoolmaster" according to the definition of historic Augustinians?

Calvin and other Augustinians used a false internal introspection to count as a "law conviction". They used the scripture, "examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith" and applied it to UNBELIEVERS, when clearly, Paul applied it to believers. The conviction of the Spirit is quick, it is a cutting of the spiritual nature, and it is completely effective, as we see in Acts chapter 2. We don't see a long drawn out false introspection with the results of the gospel! That is why I view Covenant Theology as being no better than dispensationalism. It is my view that these will be avoided ultimately, by the elect.
How then, can people who claim to be NEW Covenant theologians hang onto law preaching as being true? Real New Covenant theologians cannot do so. If you reject a false system you must reject it in its entirety. Law preaching is the foundational misuse of the law of Moses in the Covenant Theology system. It is foundational because it bypasses God's prescribed method of salvation, the preaching of the gospel to savingly convict. (Acts ch 2) True believers are cut to the heart by the gospel, not by the law.
If doctrine of the first connection to Christ is wrong, then the system that results and is built up around that doctrine must be wrong.The elect are called by grace, the gospel is of grace, and the elect are cut to the heart by grace.
Men who are so called New Covenant theologians, ie those who supposedly reject the one covenant of grace, but who also believe in law conviction are continually trying to fold their theology into the Protestant model. Most believe they are "Reformed" and that they are indeed Protestant. They believe in the foundational false gospel that the Protestants believe, so that they are unable to separate themselves and go outside the camp. But the elect will have nothing to do with the system or fellowship of Covenant Theologians!

Most of the Jews did not have faith in the Old Covenant and were lost. A remnant was saved. These were believers who were saved through the understanding that their Redeemer lived, as we see in the book of Job. The doctrine of One Covenant of Grace is the longest running misuse of the law of Moses. Covenant Theology is the new Circumcision. The circumcision group almost mislead Peter but Paul withstood Peter in Galatians. The circumcision group professed Jesus but loved law instead of our Lord. So it is with the Covenant Theologians.

We know that with the establishment of the New Covenant the elect could then pass through into the most holy place. (Heb 10:19-20) This entrance was a new and living way that had not existed for the elect in prior to the death and resurrection of Christ. They had the same faith, but not the same status!

So then, what are the implications of this understanding of the improved status of the saints? Well, for one thing, those who claim that the Old Covenant is the same covenant of grace have no answer for this new status. Even Calvin has no direct comment on the implications of this difference of status although he mentions the new status in the Institutes book 2 chapter 20 section 18.

If we are to believe that the two covenants are really one covenant of grace, then how is it that the post pentacostal elect have this greater status than the OT saints had? Or, how can the covenants both be of grace if the spiritual kingdom of God had not yet appeared until Pentacost?

If the Old Covenant is a covenant of grace this ability to pass into the holiest would have had to have been made available to the Old Covenant saints. And if this ability had been available, there would have been no need for Christ to have died. It is essential that the covenant of grace have a starting point IN TIME. 

By making it a covenant above time, without a starting point in time, the Covenant Theologians open up a can of worms. If the Covenant of grace, which is the same thing as the Spiritual kingdom of Israel is not ever introduced in time, then there is no entrance into the holiest. We know that can't be. On the other hand, if the covenant of grace includes the Old Covenant and the New Covenant in time, then the Old Covenant saints had no need to look for a future country, a future status. (Heb. 11:16 and 11:39-40) Therefore, it is impossible for the Covenant of Grace, Spiritual Kingdom of God, to not be the New Covenant that has its start at Pentacost. (Acts 2) Of course, any effort made to require that these New Covenant saints, who have access to the holiest of holies to keep days,to baptize their children as if they were saved,to submit to "holy" governments,to submit to taste not touch not, etc, is demeaning and not worthy of their status as kings and priests of the Covenant! Any effort made to establish that the Old Covenant saints were elevated to the same status as the NC saints is to destroy the work of Christ. He made a difference in the status of the elect. We all had the same faith, but New Covenant saints are in the Covenant of grace, in the spiritual Kingdom of the Savior.


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